Argo is an international science project to deploy the global oceanographic observation network of the profiling float (called “Argo float”) .

Argo is operated in the cooperation between international organizations (such as WMO, IOC) and each country’s related organizations (such as government agency, research organization).
In Japan, JAMSTEC, Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA), Fishery Research Agency (FRA), and some universities have been operating the Argo floats.
Additionally, JMA and JAMSTEC are taking charge of the realtime and delayed mode processing of all Japanese observation data respectively.This web site presents a part of the result of the project that is mainly by contribution of Japanese Argo floats.

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JAMSTEC has been getting large cooperation from the following vessels in deploying or recovering of the Argo floats.

Oshoro-maru (Hokkaido Univ.), Umitaka-maru (Tokyo Univ. of Marine Science and Technology), Bosei-maru (Tokai Univ.),
Shonan-maru (Misaki Fisheries High School), Yaizu (Shizuoka Prefectural Yaizu Fisheries High School),
Miyagi-maru (Miyagiken Fisheries High School), Aomori-maru (Hachinohe Fisheries High School),
Kaio-maru(National Institute for Sea Training), Nisshin-maru & Kaiko-maru (Institute of Cetacean Research),
Shonan maru No.2 (International Whaling Commission, Institute of Cetacean Research),
Shirase (National Institute of Polar Research), Shoyo-maru & Kaiyo-maru (Japan Fisheries Agency),
Koyo-maru (National Fisheries Univ.), Hokko-maru (Hokkaido National Fisheries Res.Inst.),
Wakatake-maru (Hokkaido National Fisheries Res.Inst. / Hokkaido Government board of education),
Wakataka-maru (Tohoku National Fisheries Res.Inst.), Taka-maru (National Res.Inst. of Fisheries Engineering),
Hakurei-maru No.8 (Marine Fisheries Res. and Dev. Center), Takuyo & Shoyo & Tenyo & Meiyo & Kaiyo (Japan Coast Guard),
Ryofu-maru & Keifu-maru & Kofu-maru & Seifu-maru & Chofu-maru (Japan Meteorological Agency),
Hakuho-maru & Tansei-maru (Ocean Research Institute / Univ. of Tokyo / JAMSTEC), Mirai & Kaiyo & Yokosuka (JAMSTEC)