Advanced automatic QC Argo Data Ver.1.2a

JAMSTEC releases a data set of temperature, salinity and pressure profiles from Argo floats. The data set conduts more advanced quality control (AQC) than real-time QC to remove fundamental error from real-time QCed Argo float data.

V 1.2a : Following Argo data management method, surfacing time in theAQC is defined as “Observed date and time” instead of “GPS measurementtime”.

The modification is able to avoid recording “next month” in the Observed date and time column when actual surfacing time is just before 0:00AM at the last day of the month.

About data set Document Quick instruction(2018.02.13) Format


  • Pressure, temperature and salinity

Usage of AQC data set

  • Reprint without permission, the re-distribution, the modification, and the commercial use are prohibited though JAMSTEC does not disturb the free use of this data in principle.
  • Please describe a sentence of use of AQC like this: “AQC ver.1.2 produced by JAMSTEC is used for this study” with address of web site ( when you make the result using this data public.
  • JAMSTEC doesn’t assume the responsibility to any damage of the user of this data.
  • Citation: Kanako Sato (2014) Advanced automatic QC Argo Data. JAMSTEC. doi:10.17596/0000104