MIxed Layer data set of Argo, Grid Point Value   Correction of Important Notice at March 11th, 2017 (March 13th, 2017) Although we reported that the data files of MILA GPV from Jun.2016 to Jan. 2017 have errors, they don’t have any error. We apologize for this. The MILA GPV data files are correct version.   JAMSTEC produces a data set of gridded mixed layer depth with its related parameters, named MILA GPV (MIxed Layer data set of Argo, Grid Point Value). MILA GPV consists of 10-day and monthly average data from January 2001 and monthly climatology data in the global ocean using Argo temperature and salinity profiles.

Important Notice( April 26th,2019) Access point of Argo data set was changed to the WebDAV server (link here) from old FTP server.

Old FTP access point via ftp server is available by the end of March 2020.




  • Paramaters
    • Mixed layer depth is defined using a finite difference method based on temperature and σθ at 10 dbar. Two pairs of the difference criteria are used such as (Δσθ=0.03kg/m3 and ΔT=0.2°C) and (Δσθ =0.125kg/m3 and ΔT=0.5°C). The mixed layer depth is estimated from a minimum thickness of either Δσθ or ΔT. Isothermal layer thickness and isopycnal thickness are estimated using two criteria, respectively. Producing parameters of mixed layer depth, isothermal layer thickness and isopycnal layer thickness are listed below.
  1. Mixed Layer Properties (depth definition : shallower thickness, either Δσθ=0.03kg/m3 or ΔT=0.2°C)
  2. Mixed Layer Properties (depth definition : shallower thickness, either Δσθ=0.125kg/m3 or ΔT=0.5°C)
  3. Isothermal Layer Properties (thickness definition : ΔT=0.2°C)
  4. Isopycnal Layer Properties (thickness definition : Δσθ=0.03kg/m3)
  5. Isothermal Layer Properties (thickness definition : ΔT=0.5°C)
  6. Isopycnal Layer Properties (thickness definition : Δσθ=0.125kg/m3)


  • Note
    • Reprint without permission, the re-distribution, the modification, and the commercial use are prohibited though JAMSTEC doesn’t disturb the free use of this data in principle.
    • Please source the above when you make the result using this data public.
    • JAMSTEC doesn’t assume the responsibility to any damage of the user of this data.
    • Citation: Shigeki Hosoda (2010) MIxed Layer data set of Argo, Grid Point Value. JAMSTEC. doi:10.17596/0000105

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