Important notice (March 1, 2017)

Data delivery system in GDAC (IFREMER) was troubled from Feb. 13 to 28, 2017.
The trouble was that a part of distributed data on B-file (file for biogeochemical parameters) could not get from GDAC.
Please check your downloaded data if you had got B-files during the period from IFREMER GDAC or our ftp site ( re-download new data if necessary.
The trouble has been fixed on March 1, 2017 and now in normal operation

About GDAC


GDACs (Global Data Assembly Centres) are operated by IFREMER (France) and FNMOC (U.S.A), and deliver all Argo float data, synchronizing each other.

IFREMER (France) : FNMOC (U.S.A) :

JAMSTEC operates a mirror site of GDAC, you are also available to get all Argo data from below links.

Mirror for IFREMER ftp server :
Mirror for FNMOC ftp server:

 About Argo data

Argo float data are basically described with netCDF fotmat (Network Common Data Form). General information of netCDF can be learned from following sitenetCDF(Network Common Data Form)
What is Argo data?・・・ Argo User’s Manual [PDF]
(Note) Data format version of Argo data is now steadily renewed from 2 to 3.
Detailed information is shown at the web site of Argo data management team.
Other documents about Argo are available from here

 Citation of Argo data

Argo data are freely available for everyone. JAMSTEC will appreciate you if you describe or notify about use of Argo in your article, paper and other products in following method to be able to sustain the Argo program. Thank you !

DOI for Argo data

ADMT (Argo Data Management Team) offers Digital Object Identifiers(DOIs) for every Argo data and products.
For more information please visit the web site of Argo DOI.

“Use of Argo data” in the document or acknowledgment

“These data were collected and made freely available by the International Argo Program and the national programs that contribute to it. (,
The Argo Program is part of the Global Ocean Observing System.”