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Outcomes for Society

Ocean Weather Forecasting (JCOPE)

Using oceanographic observation data obtained globally from satellite, ship, and ocean float sources, we are able to forecast ocean currents from the ocean surface to the seabed. These types of forecast data are already being used by petroleum tankers and deep-sea fishing boats owned by private companies.

Seasonal Forecasting

By combining the variations in atmospheric and ocean data, we are able to forecast short-term climate variations such as El Nino, La Nina, and the Indian Ocean dipole (IOD). We provide public disclosure of information regarding prospective warm winters/ cold summers in response to climate variation in the form of seasonal forecasts.

Chemical Weather Forecast System

We have developed a system for “Chemical Weather Forecast System” whereby we can predict how atmospheric pollutants such as photochemical oxidants will be transported globally. We have been operating this system since 2006. The daily forecasting result is distributed to the public via our homepage. The effect of transboundary transport of pollutants is taken into account.