About Warm Buoy & SideKick

JAMSTEC WARM (Warming and Irradiance Measurements) Buoy project has started to comprehend temporal changings of oceanic enviornment from ice-covered season toward open-water season. Thr WARM Buoy and Side Kick system (see below) was deployed at ICEX 2020 camp station in Beaufort Sea. These systems measure vertical structure of water mass (temperature and salinity) and chlorophyll-a fluorensence from surface to 60-m depth for every 1-hour and send via iridium satellite communication system (see real-time data page). SideKick monitors daily time series of upper-ice views (see gallery pages).
We kindly acknowledge US Navy Arctic Submarine Laboratory and Pacific Gyre Inc. for their kind support for this project. For your information, please also see UpTemp0 web site by University of Washington and WARM Buoy project of Old Dominion University.

Current position and track of WARM Buoy