4th International Symposium on
Chemosynthesis-Based Ecosystems
-Hydrothermal Vents, Seeps
and Other Reducing Habitats-
June 29-July 3, 2009, Okinawa, JAPAN

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Scope & Background    
The 4th International Symposium on Chemosynthesis-Based Ecosystems will be held from June 29 to July 3, 2009, in Okinawa, Japan. This symposium highlights the recent achievements in the field of unique ecosystems driven by chemosynthesis rather than photosynthesis. Major topics include biogeography, biodiversity, evolution, symbiosis, ecology, physiology, geochemistry, microbiology, and research technology & methodology.
This symposium follows upon the successes of three previous symposia. The 1st & 2nd International Symposia on Deep-Sea Hydrothermal Vent Biology were held in Madeira, Portugal in 1997 and in Brest, France in 2001, respectively. The 3rd International Symposium on Hydrothermal Vent and Seep Biology was conducted in San Diego, USA in 2005. The number of presentations regarding other reducing habitats such as whale falls and sunken wood increased remarkably in the latest symposium. Therefore, we have decided to use the new title for this 4th symposium.
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Key dates    
Opening of registration site January 23, 2009  
  (on website)  
Early registration & abstract deadline March 9, 2009
Registration deadline May 31, 2009  
  (on website)  
Abstract deadline March 19, 2009 closed
Acceptance notice April 7, 2009  
  (via e-mail)  
Symposium June 29 - July 3, 2009
Sunday June 28 evening registration on site (opening reception)
Monday June 29 a.m. welcome, registration and oral sessions
    p.m. oral sessions
    evening poster session I and welcome reception on site
Tuesday June 30 a.m. oral sessions
    p.m. oral sessions
    evening poster session II
Wednesday July 1 symposium excursions
Thursday July 2 a.m. oral sessions
    p.m. oral sessions
    evening poster session III
symposium dinner (Signup is necessary)
Friday July 3 a.m. oral sessions
    p.m. oral sessions
The program has been uploaded.

We sent out Acceptance notification to all submitters. If you have not received it, there might have been some server troubles, or it has been sorted out by your SPAM filter. If you have any request, please contact <sec@cbe2009.com>.
The Symposium will be held at Bankoku Shinryokan in Nago City, Okinawa, Japan, which is set next to beautiful sandy beaches. Coral reefs and subtropical forests with exotic wildlife surround the venue.
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The basis for all presentations will be PowerPoint (ppt files). If you should need anything else (slides, overheads, blackboard, etc.), please let us know well ahead of time. We will have Macintosh and PC computers available to upload your talk before the presentation. You will not be able to use your own computer. Bring your presentation either on a CD or a flash drive. Please bring 2 copies and hand carry one with you on the airplane.
All abstracts will be reviewed by the scientific committee. Decisions on acceptance will be made by April 7, 2009.
The size of the presentation space is 84 cm (2.756 feet) across and 119 cm (3.904 feet) high (= A0 size). Your poster should not surpass this dimensions. The posters can be attached anytime before lunch on the respective assigned day. The presenters should be with their posters during the core times mentioned on the schedule. We will provide pushpins to affix your posters to the boards. Please use large fonts so that your poster can be read from a distance.
All abstracts will be reviewed by the scientific committee. Decisions on acceptance will be made by April 7, 2009.
The Proceedings will be published by Cahiers de Biologie Marine, as has been done for the previous three symposia. The manuscripts should be submitted no later than the end of November 2009 (The deadline has been postponed!!). Complete instructions on submission are shown on pages xiii-xv of the 4th CBE abstract.
Abstract submission
To submit an abstract, you must be registered for the symposium. Once you have registered, you can submit an abstract online. Registration is complete upon receiving communication from our office confirming submission of your registration form. This is dependent upon submission of an abstract for applicants giving a talk or poster. Detailed information is shown in abstract form (PDF / WORD)and an example (PDF/WORD). Please submit the abstract to sec@cbe2009.com by March 9, 2009 for early registration or by March 16, 2009 for regular registration.
Opening reception
  Sunday June 28 17:00 at Bankoku Shinryokan
Welcome reception
  Monday June 29 at Bankoku Shinryokan
Excursion (Please make your reservation through the registration form)  
  Depending on the interest and the number of participants, trips may be cancelled or
more may be added. All excursions will take place on Wednesday July 1st.
The course 3(Shurijo Castle Park) has been cancelled because of limited number of participants.

1. Akajima Island Expedition
    Akajima Island is the most distant island among the Kerama Islands from
Okinawa. It takes about 50 minutes to reach the island from Tomari Port
by direct fast ferry. Due to its location, the island is free from busy tourism,
keeping a peaceful atmosphere unique to such isolated islands. At the same time,
Akajima is the most famous island in the Kerama Islands for its gorgeous
beaches, including Nishi-hama, where people enjoy snorkeling and scuba diving.
2. Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium
    Here through the world's largest acrylic window of the Kuroshio Tank you can
view gigantic whale sharks and mantas, which have successfully been kept long
enough to hold world records for longest times kept in captivity! The world's
first successful birth of a manta pup in captivity also happened here.
3. Shurijo Castle Park-----Cancelled
Symposium Dinner (Please make your reservation through the registration form)
  The symposium dinner takes place at Ufuya on Thursday July 2.
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Deep-sea photo exhibition    

A deep-sea photo exhibition is planned in association with the 4th CBE symposium, with support from the Nippon Foundation in Japan. The photo exhibition will be held at public areas as well as at the CBE symposium. We are now calling for photos for the exhibition, showing deep-sea life such as deep-sea animals and microbes. Any type of picture is welcome: in situ, live, scanning electron microscopy, fluorescent microscopy... etc. The pictures should appeal to and be of interest to the public and highlight the importance of deep-sea research. We are also planning to prepare a book including the photos of the exhibition,which will be distributed at the 4th CBE symposium and at the public exhibition venues. At first, 50 of the submitted pictures will be selected for the photo exhibition and the book by the photo-exhibition committee. Travel support will be provided for at least five photographers, who provide the best pictures as well as being willing to participate in our outreach activities organized after the 4th CBE symposium on July 4th and 5th (authors will be asked to give lectures about deep-sea biology aimed at the general public). Please find detailed information about the photo exhibition in the following section and we are looking forward to receiving your photos!

Place & Date of Exhibitions:
4th CBE symposium (dates not fixed)
GODAC in Nago, Okinawa (July 4, 2009)
Ryukyu University ? in Naha, Okinawa (July 5, 2009)

Travel support:
We would like to provide travel support for at least five people who provide good photo(s) and are willing to participate in the outreach activities. The support includes accommodation after the CBE symposium (July 3 to 6) and a return flight (from your home to Okinawa).
Deadline for submission: April 15, 2009

How to submit:
Please paste the following "submission form" in the body of an email, fill out the form, and send it with "ONE" deep-sea photo (resolution should be adjusted to 1600 x 1200 dpi or less) to "4th_cbe_photo@xbr.jp"
If you want to submit more than one photo, please send them one by one.

Submission form:
Email address:
Title of the photo:
Background of the photo:
Do you have copyright of the photo? or does the copyright holder of the photo agree with your submission?
[Outreach activity]
Can you join the outreach activities associated with the photo exhibitions after the CBE symposium (July 4 in Nago and July 5 in Naha)?
[Travel support]
Do you need the travel support if your photo is selected as one of the best 5 photographs?
[Participation in the 4th CBE]
Do you want to participate in the 4th CBE Symposium if you win the travel award?
[Additional information and questions]

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Registration details    
Registration starts on January 23, 2009. Please register online now. If you have any questions or difficulties, please contact sec@cbe2009.com.
Early registration    
Early registration deadline: March 9, 2009.
Early registration fees will be 50,000 YEN for each fully paying participant, 25,000 YEN for each student with evidence of university enrollment (such as a copy of registration receipt, student ID or similar), and 25,000 YEN for each accompanying person (e.g. family or "significant others") not wanting to attend scientific talks.
Registration deadline: May 31, 2009.
Registration fees will be 60,000 YEN for fully paying participants and 30,000 YEN for students and accompanying persons. The registration fees include a copy of the program/abstract booklet, a copy of the proceedings, all refreshments including lunches during the symposium, all receptions, general bus transportation during the symposium, and various other "goodies". Accompanying persons will not receive an abstract booklet nor a copy of the proceedings. The deadline for abstracts submitted electronically by e-mail in the format described is March 19, 2009. All abstracts will be reviewed by the scientific committee. Decisions on acceptance and allocation as a talk or poster (if necessary due to the number of presentations) will be made by April 7, 2009.
Please register online now.
Cancellation Policy    

50% refund if requested by June 15, 2009. Cancellations must be sent to sec@cbe2009.com by June 15, 2009 (Japan Standard Time). No refunds after June 15, 2009. Registrants are responsible for cancelling their hotel reservations.
Here in detail.

Security of your Personal Information
The 4th CBE symposium secures your personal information from unauthorized access, use or disclosure. The 4th CBE symposium secures the personally identifiable information you provide on computer servers in a controlled, secure environment, protected from unauthorized access, use or disclosure. When personal information (such as a credit card number) is transmitted to other websites, it is protected through the use of encryption, such as the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protocol.
See the Bankoku Shinryokan web for directions to the site.
Also, here you can reach details of travel information (access to your hotels and Bankoku Shinryokan from Naha airport, etc.)
Click the blue box.

Room reservations are available at the following four hotels at special rates through the registration form.
Please make your payment at each hotel by yourself.
Reservation desks will be closed when the hotels are full.

Bankoku Shinryokan Area
    Access to
(Approx. by Car)
Hotel Name Address, TEL & FAX Bankoku Shinryokan Naha Airport Room Type Number of Rooms Room Rate

*Twin room only(in Japanese)
1490-1 Kise, Nago-shi, Okinawa 905-0026
3 min.
(walking distance)
120 min. Twin Room/
Single Use
50 rooms
Twin Room/
Twin Use
Okinawa Kise Beach Palace *Twin room only(in Japanese) 115-2 Aza Kise, Nago-shi, Okinawa 905-0026
2 min.
(walking distance)
120 min. Twin Room/
Single Use
30 rooms
Twin Room/
Twin Use
Nago Area (Shuttle bus service will be available)
     Access to
(Approx. by Car)
Hotel Name Address, TEL & FAX Bankoku Shinryokan Naha Airport Room Type Number of Rooms Room Rate

Hotel Yugafuin Okinawa
(in Japanese)
453-1 Miyasato, Nago-shi, Okinawa 905-0011
20 min. 80 min. Single Room
40 rooms
Twin Room/
Single Use
Twin Room/
Twin Use
Delfino Nago
(in Japanese)
1-5-14 Oominami, Nago-shi, Okinawa 905-0015
20 min. 80 min. Single Room
45 rooms

You may find some inexpensive hotels through these websites: Rakuten Travel & Japanican. Please make sure of your transportation to the venue by yourself if you choose a hotel from the websites.

Financial support    

Travel expenses of keynote speakers will be supported by the 4th CBE office. Keynote speakers will be chosen based on the submitted abstracts.

Ridge 2000 travel awards to the US students and postdocs
Travel support will be provided to students and postdocs at US institutions, who are presenting original research on the biology and ecology of hydrothermal vents at mid-ocean ridges, consistent with the themes of the Ridge 2000 Program. Requests should be sent to the Ridge 2000 Program by March 2 in an e-mail to ridge2000@whoi.edu and include 1) name of participant requesting support, 2) address, phone, and e-mail of the participant, 3) name of faculty supervisor, 4) whether the participant has requested a talk or poster, and 5) an electronic copy of the submitted abstract for the meeting. The exact amount of support will be determined by the number of requests, and recipients will be notified of the specific amount by March 31.

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4th CBE T-shirt order

4 colors (black, navy blue, yellowish green, yellow)
5 sizes (Adult S, M, L, XL, XXL)
3,000 YEN each

Height (cm) 160 - 170 165 - 175 170 - 180 175 - 185 180 - 190
Shirt height (cm) 63 68 72 75 80

Chest width (cm) (*NOT girth)

47 52 54.5 59.5 65
Sleeve length (cm) 18 21.5 21.5 22.5 24.5
Shoulder width (cm) 42 46 50 55 59

These are the perfect shirts to bring home as a souvenir of your 4th CBE experience. Please submit your request to sec@cbe2009.com by May 24 with the information as follows:
1) HOW MANY shirts do you need?
2) Which COLOR and SIZE?
The shirts will be available for pick-up upon arrival at 4th CBE. Please pay for it at the same time.

Other information
Computer network access during the symposium    
Wireless internet access is available at Bankoku Shinryokan. If your computer has the option for wireless access, we will arrange for you to have free access to the network for the duration of the symposium.
Okinawa is in the Subtropical Zone, with generally warm weather all year. By late June and early July the rainy season in Okinawa may be finished but even then weather will still be hot and humid. There is also a chance that the rainy season may not yet be finished; the timing of rainy season varies somewhat year to year. Regardless, rainfall in Okinawa can occur suddenly and violently, and it is worthwhile to prepare in advance with either umbrellas or raingear. Often the rainfall can be so strong umbrellas help little! On the other hand, on sunny days the weather can be spectacular, and perfect for enjoying the beach. However, be sure to bring sunscreen and a hat, and take care to drink lots of liquids, as exposure to midday sun can burn a person in a short time, and the hot humid weather can dehydrate you quickly. Temperatures in the daytime are usually above 30 deg. C. and nighttime temperatures do not usually fall below 25 deg. C.
Although typhoon season is usually from July to October with a peak in September, there is the chance that a typhoon could hit during the symposium period. If this happens, please follow the instructions given to you by organizers and local officials.
Surrounding area
Okinawa has long been an ocean crossroads for many different cultures, and was the center of the Ryukyu Kingdom until annexed by Japan in 1879. The Ryukyu Kingdom's culture was unique, with influences from China and Taiwan to the west and south, and Japan from the north. Many of the most popular sightseeing locations in Okinawa highlight the culture of the Ryukyus. In Naha City, Shuri Castle is perhaps the most famous symbol of the Ryukyus. There are many other castle ruins located throughout Okinawa Island that are reachable by car or bus (http://www.wonder-okinawa.jp/002/e_index.html).
Okinawa was part of Japan until the horrors of World War II stopped, and was then administered by the USA until 1972. The International Peace Park in southern Okinawa describes the war period very well, and should not be missed. Even today, many US military bases remain in Okinawa. Despite some tensions, the bases are now an important part of the Okinawan economy. American influence on Okinawa can be seen in many ways, from the food (local "tacos rice" and A&W restaurants) to shopping. In central Naha, "Kokusai Dori" (literally International Street) is over one kilometer long, and has souvenir shops and restaurants offering an eclectic mix of Ryukyu, Japanese, and American items.
A trip to Okinawa would not be complete without viewing the spectacularly rich and diverse ocean ecosystem that surrounds the island. The ocean there is warmed by the Kuroshio Current from the tropics, and water temperatures are above 20 deg. C year-round. There are many diving and snorkeling points that offer something for divers of all levels (http://www.divejapan.com), and it should be easy to arrange a marine adventure with a local dive shop. For both divers and non-divers, Churaumi Aquarium in Motobu town is the "must-see" in Okinawa for tourists . This amazing aquarium has a huge variety of marine organisms on display, and boasts one of the largest aquarium tanks in the world, with whale sharks and other pelagic fish.
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Scientific committee
KOJIMA, Shigeaki (ORI, Univ. Tokyo, JAPAN) CHAIR
FELBECK, Horst (Scripps Institution of Oceanography, USA) LIAISON FROM LAST SYMPOSIUM
CHAN, Tin-Yam (Natl.Taiwan Ocean Univ., TAIWAN)  
GAILL, Francoise (CNRS, FRANCE)  
GALKIN, Sergey (P.P. Shirishov Institute of Oceanology, RUSSIA)  
KIEL, Steffen (Univ. Kiel, GERMANY)  
METAXAS, Anna (Dalhousie University, CANADA)
ROWDEN, Ashley (Natl. Institute of Water & Atmospheric Research, New Zealand)
SMITH, Craig (Univ. Hawaii, USA)  
Local organizing committee
KATO, Chiaki (JAMSTEC)  
KUBOKAWA, Kaoru (ORI, Univ. Tokyo)  
OKOSHI, Kenji (Ishinomaki Senshu Univ.)  
REIMER, James (Ryukyu Univ.)  
YAMASAKI, Hideo (Ryukyu Univ.)  
Registration/Abstract Submission
E-mail: sec@cbe2009.com
Fax : +81-29-850-3083

Yoshihiro FUJIWARA & Yoshiko TAKEOKA
Extremobiosphere Research Center
2-15 Natsushima, Yokosuka, Kanagawa 237-0061 JAPAN
E-mail: 4th_CBE_office@jamstec.go.jp
Tel: +81-46-867-9561 (YF), -9594 (YT)
Fax: +81-46-867-9525 (YF), -9595 (YT)
Supporting Organizations
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