Understanding the principle of how the Earth could become a rare planet of life has been one of the biggest and fundamental subjects of Liberal Arts, as crystals of intellectual curiosity for human beings. If we could solve this mystery, even a piece, it will be a major breakthrough leading to find the possibility of life in the Universe including the Solar System, as well as their conditions to exist. What we already know of is that the interactive system between Earth and Life had occurred at the moment of the Earth’s birth and played a primary role in the co-evolution. The mantle, crust, ocean, continent, atmosphere, and all organisms that inhabit them, have all developed, functioned and evolved as a whole interactive system entity. However, proving this excellent interactive system between Earth and Life still remains as a major scientific proposition in today's science.
In our project, we conduct researches from various angles with interdisciplinary collaboration of biology and other science fields, which will enable us to gain a holistic understanding on mechanisms and functions of sunlight-independent, Earth-Life interactive system that sustains the ecosystems both in deep ocean and Earth interior. Researches will focus on clarification of “The Dark Ecosystem”, which is operated by flows of Earth interior energies, materials, and biological functional and genetic elements. The specific research goals are:
  1. Pioneering in extremobiosphere research in unexploited deep Ocean and Earth interior in the world
  2. Not only clarifying the process of substance circulations and the mechanisms of “The Dark Energy Sources”, but we also conduct more focused researches on their involved microorganisms, a diversity of biological functional and genetic elements, dynamics and interactions among them
  3. “Strip the Uncultivated Microorganisms Project” (SUM Project) is all about understanding the functions, metabolisms and ecological roles of the cultivation-resistant, free-living and symbiotic microorganisms. This will help us clarify “The Dark Ecosystem”.
Through these three major researches, the mechanisms of “The Dark Ecosystem” are to be clarified.


25th Oct. 2010
Proving the occurrence of electrical current generation across the Black Smoker Chimney by Dr. Yamamoto and his associates. See Achievements Click → HERE

15th Oct. 2010
Dr. Ken Takai's treatises list for the year 2010 is updated. See the list → HERE

4th Oct. 2010
IODP Expedition 331 by Chikyu "DEEP HOT BIOSPHERE" mission accomplished! Click → HERE (SUGAR NEWS)

20th Jul. 2010
"The Okinawa Trough Drilling" special report page is opened! → Go to The Hot Deep Biosphere Drilling Special Report Page

15th January 2010
JST (Japan Science and Technology Agency) News broadcasted "A massive group of Scaly Foot, a kind of snail in metallic armor, was found!" → Details

1st January 2010
A Happy New Year!!

30th November 2009
A massive group of Scaly Foot (a kind of snail with shell made of iron sulphide) was found in Kairei Field, an active deep-sea hydrothermal field in Central Indian Ridge. → Details

23rd November 2009
Sanae Sakai, our Postdoctoral Research Scientist, was awarded the "Good Poster and Presentation Prize" by The Japanese Society of Microbial Ecology! → Details

1st September 2009
We have opened our project team's Homepage!

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