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The IODP Expedition DEEP HOT BIOSPHERE (#331) by the Deep Sea Drilling Vessel "Chikyu" with Co-chief Scientist Dr. Ken Takai, now finished successfully with global new findings. The Expedition took place from September 5th to October 4th.

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Dr. Takai just after landing receives a warm welcome by Sascha from JWAVE. (@Okinawa)

Let's keep watching the forthcoming results from the "back in the lab" analyses from now on as well!

An interview scene from JST News
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1st January
A Happy New Year from SUGAR!


In expedition carried out in November YK09-13 leg in Kairei Field, Central Ridge (Indian Ocean), a large population of Scaly Foot which have scales made of iron sulfide was discovered. These deep-sea gastropods were alive and were in Enoshima Aquarium from 30th November 2009 to 2nd December. (Presently, they are displayed as specimens.)

A large population of "Scaly Foot" discovered in Kairei Field
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Sanae's words...
"In this seminar, I made a presentation on genome analyses results of hydrogenotrophic methanogen Methanocella paludicola. I never thought I would be awarded a Good Poster Prize, so I am so glad and honored. I will keep it up with my research works from now on as well."

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1st September
Subsurface Geobiology and Advanced Research Project (SUGAR project)'s web page is now put out to the public!
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