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Ultra-deep Water Riser System

Mantle drilling with D/V Chikyu will require drilling in water over 4,000 meters depth – this greatly exceeds Chikyu’s current riser drilling operational limits.

Developing a new, next-generation, riser system for water greater than 4,000 meters, is now under way, and includes such components as new material riser joints, ultra-deep water blow out preventers (BOP), borehole pressure control drilling systems, and related hull conversion.

Ultra-deep water BOP

Develop a new BOP (Blow Out Preventer) for use in ultra-deep water drilling operations.

Borehole pressure control drilling system

Develop a new drilling system that decreases borehole pressure by reducing the pressure by the weight of the drilling mud column form the rig to the seabed in order to conduct ultra-deep drilling.

Ultra-deep water riser system

Ultra-deep water riser system

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