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Earth Simulator

Outline of the Earth Simulator

Earth Simulator started operation in March 2002 as "the world's fastest comupter capable of challenging issues for all humankind", such as climate change including global warming, earthquakes and movement inside the earth. Especially in climate change research, Earth Simulator has been widely used for global warming projection experiments, and contributed to preparing reports for the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). Its powerful performance has also produced results that could not have been achieved by conventional simulations in various cutting-edge industrial fields such as development of materials, improvement of transportation equipment, designing devices and drugs.

The platform system of the Earth Simulator was replaced in March 2015 for the second time following the first replacement in March 2009.

The new system has done 12 times more calculations in one year than the former one.

The new system can process simulations that handle complicated parameters, witch were difficult with the former one, and run larger scale simulations faster. It is expected to contribute to solving global environment issues, elucidating the mechanism of crustal movement and earthquake mechanism, and predicting tunami damage.

System Outline

Earth Simulator Resource Allocation

There are two major project categories in the Earth Simulator resource allocation.

1. JAMSTEC research project

In this category, one set of projects will be conducted in order to carry out a necessary study for the achievement of the JAMSTEC mid-range target and plan. Another set of projects will be conducted as contracted ( Fee-based ) research.

(1) JAMSTEC proposed project

Projects led by JAMSTEC researchers.

(2) Strategic project with special support

Projects accelerated by proactive supports to deliver significant results. Both JAMSTEC internal and external applications to be accepted.

(3) Contract research project

The projects using the Earth Simulator focus on research commissioned by public organaizations such as the government. ( Global Warming, Disaster, Industry, etc )

- Post Program for Climate Change

- Consignment Study ( JST/CREST, KAKENHI, etc. )

(4)Fee based usage

Projects are performed under the confidential for industrial world. Users can make their information and results confidential.

2. Proposed research project

In this category, there are the public applications focus of oceanic science, earth science, and related objects for the outside of JAMSTEC.

Research and development of cutting-edge simulation

On industrial use of the Earth Simulator*Domestic company only.

The Earth Simulator is also open to advanced industrial research and development.

(1) Fee based usage of Earth Simulator

It is the confidential type that does not disclose the research results and the user information.

We also provide the free trial use for the program porting and the confirmation of the program execution.

Additionally, we support for the program porting and the program tuning.

Further information is available at Earth Simulator web site. ( )

(2)Use of HPCI (High Performance Computing Infrastructure) System

1) Research Projects using the HPCI system including K computer

We call for proposals of Earth Simulator Projects under HPCI computational resources including K computer.

2)Industrial Use Projects using the HPCI resources other than K computer (Individual)

We call for proposals of Earth Simulator Projects under HPCI Industrial projects (indivaidual) other than K computer.

3)Industrial Trial Use projects of HPCI resources other than K computer (Trial Use)

We call for proposals of Earth Simulator Projects under HPCI Industrial projects (Trial Use) other than K computer.

Further information is available at HPCI web site. ( )

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