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Site Policy

Site Policy

Linking to this Site

You may freely link to the JAMSTEC website.

When linking to this site, it is recommended that links point to since no guarantees can be made regarding the permanence of other pages.

JAMSTEC accepts no responsibility or liability in relation to content delivered from servers external to JAMSTEC, including those servers that link to the JAMSTEC site.


Except where otherwise specified, all documents, images, and any other data provided from JAMSTEC's servers remain under the copyright of JAMSTEC.


All and any content of documents provided from JAMSTEC's servers is subject to change or cancellation without prior notice.

JAMSTEC accepts no responsibility or liability in relation to damages resulting from the content of these documents, nor in relation to damages resulting from changes and so forth to the content of these documents.

JAMSTEC accepts no responsibility or liability for any damages, whether incurred directly or indirectly, due to the use of JAMSTEC's website.


Cookies refer to a technology that records information regarding a user's browsing history, content entered on web pages, and other data in files on the user's computer (hard drive).

Cookies can simplify the use of frequently used services.

Cookies are used on JAMSTEC's website in order to enhance the user experience.

Internet browsers can be configured to, for example, "Allow cookies" or "Deny cookies", or to "Alert the user when sending and receiving cookies." Some content may not be accessible if you decide to configure your browser to deny cookies.

Please confirm your browser's "Help" menu for more information on these settings.

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