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IODP Drilling Proposal
The IODP community decides where and how to drill based on scientists' proposals. A proposal can be submitted from any scientist, anywhere in the world. Proponents draw-up a proposal based on a standard format and submit it to the Science Advisory Structure (SAS) within the prescribed bi-annual deadlines. The submitted proposal is investigated in accordance with its relevance and engineering feasibility. Generally, after several reviews, it will be ranked and proceed to plan drilling implementation.

More detail, please contact IODP-Management International, Inc. and Japan Drilling Earth Science Consortium (J-DESC),the Japanese National Office.

IODP Science Support for Japanese Scientists
JAMSTEC officially invites entries for the on-board research support assignments to the Japanese members of the on-board scientific party as part of the comprehensive promotion of IODP.
1) Purpose
The purpose of this support is for Japanese scientists to participate on-board scientific party in order to promote the science plan for IODP.

a) Participation in the IODP expedition.

b) Participation in the pre-cruise and post-cruise meetings accompanying the IODP expedition (As a rule, only the applicant who has been officially requested by the implementing organization).
2) Financial Support
JAMSTEC provides the traveling expenses (including transportation expenses, lodging charges and daily wages) necessary for the participation in the above assignments under its regulations. However, these expenses will not be provided during the drilling cruise or if the applicant has financial support from other organizations.
3) Applicable Expedition
The IODP Expeditions that will start from April 1st, 2006.
4) Qualification
The applicant must belong to a university or other educational institute, a national research institute or an independent administrative institution, and has the right to participate in the IODP on-board research as the Japanese members of the on-board scientific party.
5) How to Apply
Fill out the application form and send it by e-mail to the following address. The e-mail subject should be "Application for the IODP On-board Research Support".
download the application form
Send application form to:
IODP On-board Research Support Office
6) Selection
The grantees will be selected by AESTO selection conference.
7) Notification of Selection Result
As soon as the selection conference makes a decision, it will be notified each applicant by e-mail. AESTO will request the successful applicant to travel for the participation.
8) Report of Results
If your assignment is adopted, please submit the designated report within one month after the completion of the assignment. In some cases, JAMSTEC may request the participant to give a presentation at symposiums under its sponsorship. If you plan to publish the results of on-board research in a scientific journal or other publications, you are under obligation to mention that the research was supported by JAMSTEC and to submit two copies or two separately printed versions of the paper or report to JAMSTEC.
download the report form
9) Privacy Information
JAMSTEC and our contractor treat your privacy information safely and properly and comply with JAMSTEC privacy regulations.
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