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2005 Oct 3 to 4
International Workshop on Core-Log-Seismic Integration:
New Scientific and Technological Challenges
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Organized by Center for Deep Earth Exploration (CDEX)
Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology (JAMSTEC)
and Japan Drilling Earth-Science Consortium (J-DESC)

JAMSTEC Tokyo Office
Hibiya Central Bld. 10F, 1-2-9 Shinbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan
October 3-4, 2005
Proceedings (download: pdf 3.5mb)
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Workshop Scope:

The new phase of the Ocean Drilling Program, the world's longest running, largest and most successful international marine-earth science program, provides an excellent opportunity to review core - log - seismic integration experience and practice from previous academic and industry case studies in continental and ocean drilling and coring. This latest transition provides a potential opportunity to define homogeneous standards, procedures, and practices in the Integrated Ocean Drilling Program (IODP) and the International Continental Drilling Program (ICDP). The goal of this symposium is to promote discussions between scientists who use core, log and seismic data to address academic or industrial problems and scientists who are developing new database, data handling, and visualization technologies. Another aim is to review and explore extant methods for processing and analysis of core, log and seismic data. Emphasis is placed upon problem solving using a variety of methodologies and approaches to core - log - seismic integration. In both cases an endeavor to establish the interdependence between the problem addressed and the technology/methodology used will be emphasized.

Workshop Topics:

The topics to be discussed will include:

(1) the different approaches to core - log and core - log - seismic integration from theoretical (scaling problem, modeling, petrophysics) or technological (engineering, IT) points of view,

(2) the possibilities for testing these methods using individual case-studies (including oceanic/continental environments),

(3) the conclusions drawn from the underlying physics and mathematics -or the lack of them !-, and most importantly,

(4) an intercomparison and, hopefully, even an interchange of methods and views between researchers working in the related fields.

The different aspects of core - log - seismic integration, often comprise the core of current discussions and conferences in both academic and industrial applications, are intended to be included within contributions from each individual field instead of providing the motivation for a specific session. The argument driving this decision is the much more vivid interchange of knowledge on practice and methods among these fields.


Steering Committee:

Dr. Brewer, Tim, Borehole Research Group, Univ. of Leicester
Dr. Harms, Ulrich, International Continental Scientific Drilling Program
Dr. Higgins, Sean; Borehole Research Group, LDEO, Univ. of Columbia
Dr. Nakamura, Yasuyuki, Ocean Research Inst., Univ. of Tokyo (rep. J-DESC)
Dr. Sakamoto, Tatsuhiko, IFREE, JAMSTEC (rep. IODP STP)
Dr. Tezuka, Kazuhiko, JAPEX (rep. SPWLA)
Dr. Hisao Ito, CDEX, JAMSTEC

Deadline for the receipt of abstracts is SEPTEMBER 7. Please send your abstract to the Local organizing committee. If accepted, your abstract will appear in the abstract book. Size of the abstract is flexible but should be between 1 and 4 pages (A4) including title, authorship, figures and references. A template for abstract submission can be downloaded from here.

Conference Proceedings, publications:
It is planned to publish contributions to this workshop in the form of a CD-ROM, and publish a synthesis of the contributions and discussion under the form of an EOS article (AGU publication;

Conference language:

Conference cost and registration:
No registration fee is required for this workshop. However, a contribution of 5,000 Japanese yens in cash (~ US$ 45; ~ 37 euros) is requested during on-site registration to cover the cost of the ice-breaking party (October 3) and coffee breaks. All payments must be made on site by cash in Japanese yens. No check or credit card is accepted. In order to facilitate the organization of this workshop, pre-registration by email to the Local Organizing Committee is highly appreciated.

Ice-breaking party - evening of October 3:
Information pending

Transport, accommodation and logistic:
The international Tokyo Narita Airport has direct public transportation (Japan Railways or buses) to Tokyo city center. Various hotels are available. Reservation on-line is available from

Access to JAMSTEC Tokyo Office

Passport and Visa:
All foreign visitors entering Japan must have a valid passport. Delegates from countries requiring a visa should apply to the Japanese consular office or diplomatic mission in their country prior to departure. For details, participants should contact their local travel agents or consular offices. General information on visa is also available on-line from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan .

Currency exchange:
Participants are advised to carry some Japanese yen or change money at Narita Airport. Only Japanese yen is accepted at regular stores and restaurants. Foreign currency exchange is available at the banks and the hotels on presentation of your passport. Bank business hours are from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., Monday through Friday.

Traveler's checks and credit cards:
Traveler's checks are not as popular in Japan as in other countries and are accepted only by banks and major hotels in principal cities. Master Card, Diners Club, Visa, American Express, JCB, Discover Card, and Diamond Credit are widely accepted at hotels, department stores, shops, restaurants, and nightclubs.

Conference organizers will not accept responsibility for individual, medical, travel or personal insurance, and participants are advised to take out their own insurance policies.

Questions about the workshop:
Further information regarding this workshop (inscription, registration fee, program …) will be posted under Please visit this site regularly to check for update.
The participants who need help can contact the local organizing committee.

Local organizing Committee:

Philippe Gaillot and Hideki Masago
Center for Deep Earth Exploration CDEX
Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology
Yokohama Institute for Earth Sciences
3173-25 Showa-machi, Kanazawa-ku
Yokohama, Kanagawa 236-0001 Japan
PHONE: +81-45-778-5818 or +81-45-778-5817
FAX : +81-45-778-5704
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