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2006 June 12th
Call for Nomination: D/V CHIKYU Shimokita Shakedown Cruise Back to list
CDEX/JAMSTEC will conduct a shakedown cruise off Shimokita, NE Japan on D/V CHIKYU from August to October 2006. This will be the first riser shakedown cruise for CHIKYU. CHIKYU successfully recovered HPCS (Hydraulic Piston Coring System) cores from two sites off Shimokita last November-December. The HPCS cores collected during this shakedown cruise were processed in the CHIKYU’s laboratories, and the measured data were uploaded into our data management system, J-CORES.

CDEX will conduct more engineering tests, coring tests (HPCS and RCB) and laboratory evaluations during this year’s expedition. We would like to invite several scientists and/or laboratory technical personnel from IODP member countries to assist CDEX to provide suggestions for our laboratory set-up, facility readiness, manuals, core processing procedure, IT environment, etc. CDEX will accept nominations for our shakedown cruises through the IODP Program Management Offices (J-DESC, USSAC, ESSAC & MOST).

♦ Duration: Seven sessions of 10 days. ( Please note that number of Legs might be changed depending on status of shakedown training. In addition, we will use a helicopter to embark and disembark on CHIKYU, so please note that the duration may change depending on weather conditions. )
  • Leg 1: Drill pilot hole A&B (HPCS/ESCS coring to ~ 520 mbsf)
  • Leg 2: Run Riser and BOP
  • Leg 3: Riser Test and RCB Coring (~520-1320 mbsf)
  • Leg 4: Wireline Logging & Open Hole for casing installation
  • Leg 5: RCB Corig (drill 1320-1920 mbsf, coring 1920-2220 mbsf)
  • Leg 6: Coring and wireline logging (Continue to 2220 mbsf and log)
  • Leg 7: Retrieve equipment and contingency (continue core processing)
♦ Number of participant: 3 for each Leg (total 18-21 people)
♦ Cost: CDEX covers food and accommodations on CHIKYU, but cannot cover travel or hotel on the way to/from CHIKYU.
♦ Requirement: A half-day safety induction must be taken at CDEX Yokohama office or our appointed place before boarding (more detailed requirements are provided individually). We request that participants make notes of suggestions to CDEX during their stay on CHIKYU.
♦ Application Deadline: Due by June 30, 2006


Off Shimokita Peninsula Japan
Lat: 41’10.5 N, Long: 142’12.0 E
Target Depth: 2,220mbsf, Water Depth: 1,200m

Equipment to be Operated (PDF: 36KB)

Japanese scientists may contact the Japan Drilling Earth Science Consortium (J-DESC)

U.S. scientists may contact the U.S. Science Support Program (USSSP)

Scientists in ECORD countries may contact ECORD Science Support Advisory Committee (ESSAC)

Scientists in China may contact the People's Republic of China, Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST)

Inquiry about CHIKYU Shakedown Cruise
Dr. Shin’ichi Kuramoto
3173-25 Showa-machi, Kanazawa-ku
Yokohama Kanagawa 236-0001 Japan
Tel.: +81-45-778-5811
Fax: +81-45-778-5704

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