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2006 July 24
The Chikyu will Sail for the 1st Riser Drilling Test Back to list
The Chikyu will sail from Hachinohe in Aomori Prefecture, Japan, on August 7 2006, for test drilling to a depth of 2,200 meters beneath the ocean floor at a site east offing of the Shimokita Peninsula. The water depth in the drill site is about 1,200 m (See Map). During this cruise, in addition to carrying out the Chikyu’s first implementation of riser drilling, JAMSTEC will complete the five remaining system integration tests in preparation for international operations. In addition to testing the Chikyu’s systems, this shakedown cruise will be an opportunity for training personnel in operating them.

[System integration tests (SIT)]
1. Running the riser and blow-out preventer (BOP)
2. Testing the emergency disconnect sequence (EDS) for the riser and BOP
3. Inserting the casing pipe and cementing
4. Test operation of the Chikyu’s three core sampling systems
5. Testing the wireline logging system (which measures formation properties.)

[Major training evolutions]
1. Tests of and training in logistics for personnel and supplies by helicopter and supply boat
2. Examination of the treatment systems for cuttings and waste mud
3. Testing and optimization of shipboard and land-based safety and security systems
4. Optimizing procedures for core sample processing and for quality control on core samples
5. Building onboard procedures such as those for processing wireline logging data.

Mid August Casing pipe insertion and cementing tests
Mid to late August Running the riser and BOP
Late August EDS tests for the riser and BOP
Early September Test operation of the Chikyu’s three core sampling systems
Mid to late September Tests of wireline logging and system performance
Late September Reach drilled depth of 2,200 meters below the sea floor
(subject to delays due to rough weather and other factors)

JAMSTEC Press release [2006 July 24th]

Shimokita East Drilling Site
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