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2006 August 14
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Week #01 [8/8-8/12]
The first drill string and drill bit for initial drilling shakedown on this cruise were assembled on the Drill Floor. The assembly is hanging from the Top Drive and is ready to go through the Drill Floor and into the ocean at the moon pool.

Dr. Daniel Curewitz, CDEX Staff Scientist reports: The first week of Chikyu Riser Shakedown was eventful and exciting. We had several changes of crew, many technicians come aboard, new lab staff and new scientific reviewers arriving almost every day by Helicopter.

Daily operations in the Laboratory included science lectures, training on various pieces of lab equipment, including the MSCL-W, the QA/QC laboratory, the Thermal Conductivity measurement device, and operations in the Core Cutting Area.

We also had several safety and informational tours of the Laboratory, as well as a comprehensive tour. Discussions of operational procedures and protocols, sampling procedure and requirements, and overall science program goals and philosophy were ongoing. We also had several discussions with the visiting scientists and technicians from IODP community about coordination and integration of our operations, and about planning for upcoming operations in the Nankai Trough. The included talks about curation issues, downhole measurement issues, staffing and coordination of science and technical teams, and much more.

Overall, we have been filling our time with preparation, training, and many discussions about the scientific, technical and management aspects of the drilling program and the drill ship herself. It has been a full and fruitful week of work during the first days of riser drilling shakedown. There have been many technical challenges, but all members of the Laboratory have approached these challenges with excitement and anticipation of new discoveries and new experiences.

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