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2006 September 8
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36” casing pipes at night
Week #04 [8/27-9/2]
Dr.Philippe Gaillot, CDEX Staff Scientist reports:

During this week, the laboratory staff has been mainly involved in the processing and analysis of 40 cores collected from August 18th to 23rd in Pilot Hole C (Hole C9001C). Due to their high gas content all cores expanded when cut into sections on the core cutting area. Processing includes continuous measurements of natural gamma radiation, electrical resistivity, density, magnetic susceptibility and Primary Wave velocity of the whole-round sections, as well as discrete measurements (2 per core) of the thermal conductivity of the sediment. After splitting of the whole round core sections, two sequences of measurements - one for the archive halves and the other one for the working halves - were run in parallel. For the archive halves, visual core description, scanning of core image and color reflectance, as well as measurement of stable remanent natural magnetization (NRM) are routinely conducted. On the other hand, the working halves are used to collect samples. The samples are devoted to discrete moisture (porosity) and density measurements, geochemical investigations, and micropaleontology analysis to decipher the age of the cored formation.

On the night of August 29, 3 reefer containers have been shipped to us by supply boat. These containers will be used to store cores on board and to ship them to the on-shore core processing facility at Kochi Core Center.
On the 30th, 10 technical staffs were scheduled to be disembarked but their helicopter flight was canceled due to poor weather conditions. We kept them all on board for dinner!
On Sept 2nd at 21:30 processing of all whole-round cores was completed. Analyses of geochemical samples will start from Sept 3rd morning. Routine processing of split cores will be still in progress until Sept. 6th.

Typhoon number 12 (IOKE) is moving westwards, and as now is expected to hit Shimokita area. If its route is confirmed in the next few days, drilling operations on-board Chikyu might be stopped (but tests of rig floor equipments will be continued) and change her location for evacuation. Lab activities are continuing in any case...

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