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2006 October 6
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Meals are served at Mess room four times a day at 0600, 1200, 1800 and 2400. We take according to the working shift. Be careful not eating too much.
Week #07 [9/17-9/23]
Dr. Hideki Masago Aoike, CDEX staff scientist reports:

As there was no coring operation in this week, laboratory has been less active than usual. So this and next week, I report our daily onboard life.

There are two Lab Managers working onboard. We have ‘early’ (0600–1600) and ‘late’ (1200–2200) shifts(including breaktime) during no coring period. In a coring period, this changes to 24hr shift (including breaktime): 0000–1200 and 1200–2400. Basically we have no work on weekend. However, during coring period, we sometime work a little on weekends at Lab office. Instead of that, we take holidays after getting off the ship.

My daily work starts from Daily Meeting on 0630. The captain and chiefs of each department exchange information about working status in this meeting. After the meeting is breakfast. Meals are served four times a day at 0600, 1200, 1800 and 2400, and we take according to the working shift. As meals are served in buffet style, I can keep usual dietary habits. Someone often take too much, but it is their own risk. Curry, sushi and noodles are popular menus. In Japanese navy tradition, curry is served on every Friday in order to remember the date of the week. But in Chikyu, curry is served everyday! (So we easily forget the date of the week).

After breakfast, we work in each place. We have Lab Daily Meeting everyday to report the previous day’s work and today’s schedule with each other. My work in laboratory goes on until 1600. After that, I hand over to the other Lab Manager and go back to the cabin. I will report how we refresh my life on board next week.

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