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Updates on the status of the Chikyu - The 2011 off the Pacific coast of Tohoku Earthquake
17th June 2011
[JAMSTEC Press Release]
Deep-Sea Drilling Vessel Chikyu - Repair Status and Operations Schedule -

The Deep Sea Drilling Vessel Chikyu, operated by JAMSTEC, will complete repairs at the Yokohama Dockyard and Machinery (Mitsubishi Heavy Industries), and will head out to sea for testing on 18 June 2011. The vessel has been in dry dock since 20 April to repair damage sustained during the 2011 off the Pacific Coast of Tohoku Earthquake on 11 March.

One of DV Chikyu's azimuth thrusters suffered damage during large tsunami waves buffeted the vessel in the Hachinohe port, and its replacement is currently being manufactured. The new thruster is expected to be installed by the end of March 2012.

Schedule of operations for Chikyu
18 June - 3 July
Testing at sea (Suruga Bay)
3 July - 10 July
Loading work at Port of Yokohama
10 July - December (tentative)
Commercial operation off the coast of Sri Lanka

*The new thruster is planned to be installed after the Sri Lanka operations.

18th April 2011
[JAMSTEC Press Release]
Repairs of Deep-Sea Drilling Vessel Chikyu

Deep-Sea Drilling Vessel Chikyu, operated by JAMSTEC, will enter dry dock on April 20 for inspection and repairs for damage caused by the "2011 Off the Pacific Coast Tohoku Earthquake. The work will take place in Yokohama Dockyard and Machinery Works, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries.
The schedule for future research expeditions will be determined based on the progress in repairs and related engineering works.
5th Apirl 2011
The Deep Sea Drilling Vessel Chikyu left the port of Muroran at 9:00 on 31 March, and arrived at the port of Yokohama for damage assessment at 15:00 on 5 April.
23rd March 2011
Deep Sea Drilling Vessel Chikyu left the port of Hachinohe at 17:30 on March 18th and safely arrived at the Port of Muroran at 9:00 on March 20th. Divers have been investigated provisional assessment of ship's damages by the Tsunami including azimuth thrusters. Future repair work will be planned as soon as possible.
18th March 2011
Deep-Sea Drilling Vessel Chikyu departed the Port of Hachinohe at 17:30 on March 18th, for provisional assessment and repair of the damage by the tsunami - including her azimuth thrusters - at the Port of Muroran, south coast of Hokkaido. The expected time of arrival is 14:00 the following day.
*The arrival time is subject to change due to weather.
17th March 2011
[JAMSTEC Press Release]
Integrated Ocean Drilling Program Schedule Expedition 337 by Chikyu Cancelled

The Deep-Sea Drilling Vessel CHIKYU, operated by JAMSTEC, was in the Hachinohe port in preparation for IODP Expedition 337, when the large earthquake hit the Northeast Pacific coast of Japan on March 11. In the wake of the earthquake and following tsunami, CHIKYU immediately evacuated the port. However one of her six thrusters suffered damage.
The CHIKYU can still navigate herself under her own power but the dry docking of the vessel is necessary to assess the exact amount of damage. All personnel and visitors aboard including CDEX/JAMSTEC and support staff ashore, are safe and accounted for. In response to this circumstance, JAMSTEC regrets to announce the cancellation of the current schedule of Expedition 337.
14th March 2011
With great regret, we officially announce that the current schedule of IODP Exp. 337 Deep Coalbed Biosphere off Shimokita is canceled.
At 14:51, 12th March 2011
All students and teachers from Nakaibayashi elementary school are rescued by helicopter operated by Maritime Self-Defense Force.
At 9:04, 12th March 2011
Students and teachers from Nakaibayashi elementary school stayed a night on board and just had breakfast. Everyone is fine. The Chikyu stays in the port of Hachinohe for the safety as the large tsunami warning is issued and floating debris.
At 23:14, 11th March 2011
At 2:46 PM on the afternoon of 11 March 2011 (Friday), the Tohoku region in the northern Pacific coast of Japan suffered a large-scale earthquake and tsunami strikes. At that time, the Chikyu was docked at port at Hachinohe in preparation for IODP Exp 337. All personnel on board the Chikyu include 48 students and 4 teachers from Nakaibayashi elementary school visited for ship tour are safe.

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