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Face:Superintendent Taking Charge for Smooth Drilling Tool Pusher

The role of the Tool Pusher is to make thorough preparations for drilling so as to execute operations and achieve the objectives within a tight timeframe. Such efforts to ‘do one’s best in making the preparations and aim for full marks’ result in the ability to deal with unexpected circumstances.
(Published in February 2011)

Tool Pusher
Masayuki Kawasaki
Mantle Quest Japan Company Ltd.
Tool Pusher keeps watch on the entire drilling operations from their preparations.

Tool Pusher keeps watch on the entire drilling operations from their preparations.

 The drilling operations of Deep Sea Drilling Vessel CHIKYU are mainly performed in an area of the vessel called the ‘drill floor’. This is one of the vital operations areas of the CHIKYU and a location that is heavy with activity and full of drilling equipment, including many kilometers worth of drill pipe. Above this area there is dynamic activity and heavy hanging machinery. It is a potentially dangerous area, and as such is off-limits to non-essential personnel, even during open house events. Thus it has less public exposure than other areas of CHIKYU.

 Personnel who work on the drill floor are proud, physically strong, and of posses sound judgment, all attributes refined on-site. Drill pipe must be lifted, lowered, and rotated by the Driller controlling equipment from the Driller’s House. The Tool Pusher supervises general drilling operations, including managing the drilling schedule, maintaining machinery, and ensuring the safety of the drilling crew.

 Typically, the Tool Pusher works his way up the career ladder, starting at what is known as in the industry vernacular, Roughneck, and proceeding through to Derrick Man handling drilling mud, Assistant Driller assisting drillers, and then Toll Pusher.

 Kawasaki Masayuki served as Assistant Driller at a different operation, and was then transferred to shore-based activities where he was responsible for the improvement plan of the coring tool, which CHIKYU currently uses. He has subsequently been aboard CHIKYU as a Tool Pusher since it has been operated by Mantle Quest Japan Company.