Programs carried out
Sand for Students Fieldwork 15 (Tokyo, JPN)

Place: Tama River
Date: 10 and 13 August,2010
Participants: Kaijo junior and senior high school
Sand for Students Fieldwork 14 (Kanagawa, JPN)

Place: Sagami River
Date: 6 and 7 August,2010
Participants: Sagamihara-Seiryo high school
Sand for Students Fieldwork 13 (Kanagawa, JPN)

Place: Sagami River (Ebina City)
Date: 23 March,2010
Participants: High school science teachers in Kanagawa prefecture
Sand for Students Fieldwork 12 (Algarve, Portugal)

Place: Guadiana River (between Odeleite and Vila Real de Santo António)
Date: 19 December,2009
Participating school: Escola Secundária de Loulé (Loulé High School), Loulé (Portugal)
Sand for Students Fieldwork 11 (Kagawa, JPN)

Place: Seki River, Kotohiki Park (Shikoku-Chuo City, Kan'nonji City)
Date: 12 December,2009
Participating school: Marugame high school, Kan'nonji Daiichi high School and Takamatsu-Kougei high school, Kagawa
Sand for Students Fieldwork 10 (Kyoto, JPN)

Place: Katsura River, Kizu River(Kyoto City, Yahata City)
Date: 15 November,2009
Participating school: Rakuhoku High school, Kyoto
Sand for Students Fieldwork 9 (Hyogo, JPN)

Place: Yodo River, Muko River(Osaka City, San'nomiya City)
Date: 18 July,2009
Participating school: Rokko Island High School, Hyogo
Sand for Students Fieldwork 8 (Okinawa, JPN)

Place: Genga River, Shio River(Nago City, Motobu City)
Date: 25 January,2009
Participating school: General public in Okinawa
Sand for Students Fieldwork 7 (Wakayama, JPN)

Place: Kumano River, Koza River(Shingu City, Kushimoto Town)
Date: 11 November,2008
Participating school: Kumanogawa Junior High School, Wakayama
Sand for Students Fieldwork 6 (Gifu, JPN)

Place: Kiso River, Nagara River(Kakamigahara City, Gifu City)
Date: 13 July,2008
Participating school: Ena High School and Gizan High School, Gifu
Sand for Students Fieldwork 5 (Shizuoka, JPN)

Place: Tenryu-gawa and Ooi-gawa rivers (Shizuoka Prefecture)
Date: 27 March 2008
Participating school: Iwata Minami High School, Shizuoka Chuo High School
Sand for Students Fieldwork 4 (Wakayama, JPN)

Place: Aridagawa and Kinokawa rivers (Wakayama Prefecture)
Date: 23 September 2007
Participating school: Osaka Kishiwada High School, Wakayama Kainan High School
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Sand for Students Fieldwork 3 (Shizuoka, JPN)

Place: Fujigawa and Abekawa rivers (Fujigawa, Ihara-gun and Shizuoka, Shizuoka Prefecture)
Date: 10 March 2007
Participating school: Shizuoka Prefectural Shizuoka Chuo High School
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Sand for Students Fieldwork 2 (Aomori, JPN)

Place: Mabechigawa and Niidagawa rivers (Fukuchi and Hachinohe, Aomori Prefecture)
Date: 12 November 2005
Participating schools: Aomori Prefectural Aomori High School
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Fieldwork in the Sand for Students program has been carried out with the cooperating of these participating schools:

Sand for Students Fieldwork 1 (Hokkaido, JPN)

Place: Mukawa River (Mukawa, Yufutsu-gun, Hokkaido)
Date: 2 October, 2005
Participating schools: Hokkaido Atsuma High School and Iai Girls’ Junior and Senior High School, Hokkaido
>>Data on the sand collected