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In a fieldwork, students go to nearby riverbeds and other sites to collect and observe sand. They also learn about the classification of the various types of minerals and how to collect and separate the heavy minerals in sand. Their observation records, produced in the course of this program, and the sand data from a detailed analysis of the samples of sand that they bring back to the laboratory from their fieldwork will be stored on a website. We also plan to give participants an opportunity to present the results of their practical training.

<Example of fieldwork>
  • Self introduction
  • Explanation of the “Sand for Students” program and its relationship to the IODP cores
  • Observing and classifying rocks
  • While looking at river cobbles and gravels, provide a general overview of the geology of the surrounding area and the area upstream (explaining about the source)
  • Collecting sand (collecting bulk sand samples and heavy mineral samples)
  • Classification by magnetic property, form, and color
  • After the fieldwork is completed, analysis of the heavy minerals (modal proportion, mineral composition, age....etc.)