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2010.04.07 update
[The DONET backbone cable system construction was completed]

Installation of Termination Unit

Repeater on Drum Cable Engine

Branching Unit on Deck

On March 8, the cable laying ship KDDI Pacific Link (KPL) successfully completed the DONET backbone cable system construction at Kumano-nada Nankai trough. Approximately 300km length of submarine cable, six repeaters, five branching unit (BU), and five termination unit (TU) were installed to the seafloor in the construction. The final major component of backbone cable system in installation schedule was touchdown on the seafloor on February 23th 13:47 (JST). Four hours later on the touchdown, all functions and performance of backbone cable system were tested and confirmed from DONET landing station at Furue-cho Owase, Mie prefecture. The submarine cable laid on the up to 1,000m depth of shallow water area was buried into the sedimentary layer by the ROV (MARCAS III on KPL) after the installation (PLIB: post lay inspection and burial). The KPL complete the PLIB on March 8th and announced the end of DONET backbone system construction.