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2010.06.25 update
[Opening ceremony of the Furue Landing Station of the DONET]

A completed Furue Landing Station

Power feeding/Transmission equipments

We successfully completed the DONET backbone cable construction, established one station on the ocean floor of the Tonankai earthquake focal region, off Kii Peninsula, and constructed the Furue Landing Station in Owase-city. The data from the station are sent in real-time to the Yokohama Research institutes of JAMSTEC, Japan Meteorological Agency, National Research Institute for Earth Science and Disaster Prevention in order to implement prompt and high accuracy earthquake and tsunami warnings. An opening ceremony of the station was held by JAMSTEC and Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology on 25 April 2010. About 100 concerned parties attended the ceremony, and a ribbon cutting was also performed. Dr. Kaneda, the DONET project leader, showed guests inside of the station and demonstrated the real-time data, significance of DONET data for disaster prevention and a video about the installation on the ocean floor by our remotely operated vehicle. In the afternoon of the same day we also introduced them to local residents. We will develop 19 remaining stations from now on then start the full operation.