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2010.12.22 update
[DONET has succeeded to increase seafloor observatories]

NT10-18 (2010/10/04-2010/10/17) is a series of cruises for DONET subsea observatory construction followed by NT10-09. Four observatories and six extension cable systems were loaded on the R/V Natsushima for this expedition. Ten ROV “Hyper Dolphin” diving days were originally scheduled for observatory construction (include burial casing conditioning, observatory installation, and backfilling burial hole operation) and extension cable laying operation between node and observatory.

In the expedition NT10-18, three new observatories were able to be activated (A-2, A-4, and E-17), one candidate observatory was installed (D-16) and three candidate sites (B-6, E-18, and E-19) were conditioned. This is a very excellent result for DONET project. We can expect several more observatories activation in the next expedition scheduled Dec. 2010 to Jan. 2011.

Burial casing conditioning by ROV

Seismic sensor installation into the burial casing

Extension cable connecting to the observatory (A-2)