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2011.03.08 update
[Season Greetings from Research Ship]

New Year Sunrise

-New Year Sunrise-

KY10-15 is a first expedition for DONET (Dense Ocean-floor observatory network for Earthquakes and Tsunamis) subsea observatory construction using R/V KAIYO (for mother ship) and remodeled ROV “HyperDolphine4500”. At the time of the start this expedition, DONET backbone submarine cable system, four of five science nodes and four of twenty observatories were already sit on the seafloor and in operation. Sixteen ROV diving days were originally scheduled for observatory construction (include burial hole conditioning, observatory installation, and backfilling burial hole operation), extension cable laying operation between node and observatory and science node installation.

In Control Room

-In Control Room-

The expedition was done during Dec. 23, 2010 to Jan. 11, 2011.
In this duration, HPD4500 implemented 15dives and the results were…

  • -Science Node Installation: 1Dive (Node-C)
  • -Burial Hole Conditioning: 4Dives (A-1, B-5, B-8, C-9)
  • -Observatory Installation: 4Dives (B-5, B-6, B-8, E-18)
  • -Cable Laying Operation: 5Dives (A-1, B-6, B-8, D-16, E-18)
  • -Burial Hole fill up: 1Dive (B-6)

Observatory Map, 2011 Jan.

-Observatory Map, 2011 Jan.-

In the expedition KY10-15, four new observatories were able to be activated, and one candidate observatory was installed. At the time of end of this expedition, total 8 DONET observatories were in operation and producing real time data for earthquakes and tsunami prevention. We can expect several more observatories activation in this fiscal year early March.