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2011.08.08 update
[DONET observatory network rounded out at the end of July 2011]

The world's finest earthquake/tsunami observation seafloor network construction was successfully completed in July 31. During July and August 2011, DONET technology development group took out the R/V KAIYO and the ROV Hyper Dolphin 4500 to carry out the deep seafloor observatory construction at Nankai trough (Expedition KY11-09). In operating three new observatories in this expedition, the observatory in network became 20 locations in total. The original target of DONET program was accomplished by this result. As for the completion of the DONET, the period of 17 months and 7 expedition cruises and 81 ROV dives were spent for the subsea construction of observatory network.

In Control Room

Onboard Members of Expedition KY11-09 (Ship crew, ROV operation team, and DONET technology development group)

In Control Room

State of Network as of July 31, 2011.