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2012.11.30 update
[HDD (Horizontal Directional Drilling) has started for the backbone cable system construction of DONET2.]

DONET2 is an observation network of earthquakes and tsunamis for Nankai focal region. The backbone cable will install in 2013, and we have been developing aims to complete the construction of DONET2 in 2015.

As a first step of the construction, the preparing of the drilling work had been carried out at Muroto cape in Kochi prefecture, which is one of the candidate sites of the landing station of DONET2. The main construction called Horizontal Direction Drilling (HDD) has started on 12 Nov. 2012, and the ceremony prays for work safety was held on the same day. In the HDD work, after the drilling work about 1 km long from the landing station toward the punching point on the seafloor, the pipeline is built up in the drilling hole.

After that, the drilling work at Muroto cape will be completed in Dec. 2012. And then the HDD will be carried out from Jan. to March in 2013 at Kaiyo-cho in Tokushima prefecture, which is another candidate sites of landing station. We will have prepared the construction of backbone cable scheduled for May 2013.

Horizontal Directional Drilling machine DD300

The ceremony prays for work safety