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[2016.04.28 update]
[DONET2 installation has been completed and the management of DONET has been transferred from JAMSTEC to NIED]


[2015.12.22 update]
[Twenty-eight observatories of DONET2 are working now; just three observatories remain to be installed]
[2015.12.22 update]
[Observatory 1A-3 of DONET1 has been replaced with a new one]
[2015.11.20 update]
[DONET2 Terminal Unit 2D recovery and re-laying, From Oct. 5 to Oct.14, 2015]
[2015.07.27 update]
[Expedition KY15-09: twenty observatories of DONET2 are now in operation]
Expedition KY15-09 was carried out for DONET2 construction from May 23, 2015 to .......
[2015.05.25 update]
[Construction situation of DONET2: ten observatories are now in operation]
Figure 1 shows the present status of DONET2 construction. Until now, ten .......
[2015.05.25 update]
[Node E of DONET1 has been reinstalled successfully and all DONET1 data are available now]
The Node E of DONET1 was operated since May 22, 2010; however, a failure was .......
[2015.05.25 update]
[DONET2 backbone cable lay operation completed]
The backbone cable lay of DONET2 phase-2 section was carried out from .......


[2014.06.05 update]
(Third Report) [DONET observation data partly being unavailable]
As previously reported, the data transmitted from the DONET have become unavailable .......
[2014.06.05 update]
[Expedition KY14-04: The first observatory of DONET2 has been constructed]
Expedition KY14-04 was carried out during March 4-27, 2014 ; three science nodes was .......
[2014.06.02 update]
(Second Report) [DONET Observation Data Currently Unavailable at 16 Stations- Partly Recovered]
Since May 30 2014, 9:00 am, the data transmitted from DONET have become unavailable at .......
[2014.05.30 update]
(Flash Report) [DONET Observation Data Currently Unavailable at 16 Stations]
Since May 30 2014, 9:00 am, the data transmitted from DONET have not been available at .......
[2014.04.28 update]
[Installation of caissons for DONET2]
In the period of Feb. 25th to Mar. 24th 2014, the installation of caissons for DONET2 .......
[2014.04.15 update]
[Completed Backbone Cable Laying operation (DONET2 Phase-1 section)]
The cable laying operation of the DONET2 phase-1 section was carried out .......
[2014.04.08 update]
JTRACK (Tracking Tsunamigenic Slips in the Japan Trench) Workshop (on 2014/05/15-17)
[2014.04.03 update]
[Seismic and Tsunami data of the 2014 northern Chile Earthquake (Mw 8.2) observed by DONET(prompt report)]
Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology (JAMSTEC) has .......
[2014.02.06 update]
[DONET2 backbone cable installation has been started]
On 18-19 January 2014, DONET2 backbone cable has been landed on the landing.......


[2013.06.19 update]
[Revision of observatory network appellation]
JAMSTEC has been developing a new seafloor observatory network, DONET2, .......
[2013.03.08 update]
[Expedition KY13-02: Backfilling of DONET seismometers and connection of a seafloor borehole observatory with DONET]
The expedition KY13-02 has been carried out from Jan. 18, 2013 to Feb. 10, 2013.......


[2012.12.11 update]
[Off Kushiro-Tokachi observatory measured micro-tsunami]
A moderate-to-large earthquake occurred off Sanriku, Japan at 17:18 JST on 7 December 2012.....
[2012.11.30 update]
[HDD (Horizontal Directional Drilling) has started for the backbone cable system construction of DONET2.]
DONET2 is an observation network of earthquakes and tsunamis for Nankai focal region......
[2012.11.02 update]
[DONET observed the earthquake in western Canada]
A magnitude 7.7 earthquake occurred at near the Queen Charlotte Islands.....
[2012.09.03 update]
[Automated Cable-laying System: test in actual environment]
The automated cable-laying system was tested in real sea on July 5-9, 2012.....
[First anniversary for DONET implementation]
At 31 July, 2011, JAMSTEC constructed DONET system and data transfer of all twenty stations to JAMSTEC started .....
[Automated Cable-laying System: water tank test has been carried out successfully]
An automated cable-laying system has been developed for DONET2 construction and tested in the water tank of Research Institute of Applied Mechanics .....
Top and People pages have been updated.
DONET web page was renewed!
The contents were rearranged and updated.
[DONET Wallpaper Calendar 2012]
“DONET Wallpaper Calender 2012” was released from Earthquake and Tsunami research project for Disaster Prevention.....


[DONET observatory network rounded out at the end of July 2011]
The world's finest earthquake/tsunami observation seafloor network construction was successfully completed in July 31 .....
[DONET Expedition 2011 Spring Season]
Two expeditions for DONET observatory construction (KY11-03 & KY11-06) were carried out in March, and in .....
[Season Greetings from Research Ship]
KY10-15 is a first expedition for DONET (Dense Ocean-floor observatory network for Earthquakes and Tsunamis) subsea observatory construction.....
[DONET observation device installation video]
It is an appearance of remotely operated vehicle “Hyper dolphin” that works in the sea because of the DONET(Dense Ocean floor Network system for Earthquakes and Tsunamis) observation device installation.
Please see this page.
[DONET Wallpaper Calendar 2011]
“DONET Wallpaper Calender 2011” was released from Earthquake and Tsunami research project for Disaster Prevention.....


[DONET has succeeded to increase seafloor observatories]
NT10-18 (2010/10/04-2010/10/17) is a series of cruises for DONET subsea observatory construction followed by NT10-09.....
[DONET was awarded]
DONET received the “Informative Month Promotion Conference Chairman Award” in FY 2010.....
[DONET starts to deploy the seafloor observatory on a massive scale]
Three DONET expeditions were implemented by JAMSTEC research fleet in the first quarter of FY2010.....
[Opening ceremony of the Furue Landing Station of the DONET]
We successfully constructed the Furue Landing Station in Owase-city......
[Expedition NT10-04: DONET observatory construction phase 1]
The subsea construction of the world first precise seafloor earthquake and tsunami observatory was started from the March 2010.....
[The DONET backbone cable system construction was completed]
On March 8, KDDI Pacific Link successfully completed the DONET backbone cable system construction.....
[A Cable ship starts the DONET backbone cable system construction]
A cable ship KPL opened for loading DONET backbone cable system early in the New Year of 2010......
[DONET Network Component Trial]
From November to late December 2009, the DONET system development group conducted several trials to confirm......


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