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Data Research Center for Marine-Earth Sciences

We offer Data Products, Oceanographic Data and Samples obtained during JAMSTEC cruises.

The Data Research Center for Marine-Earth Sciences (DrC) established as JAMSTEC's data center on the 1st of April, 2009. DrC consists of two departments and one team, the Data Management and Engineering Department, the Global Oceanographic Data Center and the Jamstec-Ocean seismological database-Integrated by Network data.

organization chart Global Oceanographic Data Center (GODAC)

The Data Management and Engineering Department (DMED) in YOKOHAMA Institute for Earth Sciences, has missions relating to JAMSTEC's data and samples. One of it's main mission is to collect, manage and open JAMSTEC's data and samples to public. Building and maintaining all sorts of data sites to distribute data and creating value-added data products using 4D-VAR methods are also DMED tasks.

The Global Oceanographic Data Center (GODAC) in OKINAWA, holds and manages the data of videos and photos obtained by JAMSTEC submersibles and opens those to the public. GODAC's main mission is to distribute data and images and to manage DrC data sites that hold data on biodiversity, oceanographic data and documents. GODAC also works for education on oceanography and JAMSTEC activities.

The JAMSTEC-Ocean seismological database Integrated by Network data (JOIN) has been organized in December, 2011 for the purpose of developing an earthquake research information database through the integration of discrete databases. We plan to develop a system under which to combine these databases so as to make them available to users.