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Data Research Center for Marine-Earth Sciences

Application for data and samples

Data, samples and images that DrC holds are opened to public on our data sites. You will need to send application forms to the Data Management Office of DrC, for our Off-line data sending service for data not uploaded on our data sites, and for our sample lending service.
Please read and follow the instructions on the "Terms and Conditions" on each data site.

I'm Looking for data, samples or images. Where can I find them?

Data, sample information and images that JAMSTEC's submersibles have obtained are opened to public on our data sites. Please click the button below and visit our data sites.

Access to data and samples

I wanted to use your data, but I couldn't find it on the data sites.
Can I have it sent Off-line?

Please ask the Data Management Office of DrC about the data.
Application forms will be required for Off-line data sending service.

I want to apply for your sample lending service.

What kind of sample are you interested in? (Shipping fee will be paid by applicants)

I'm interested in JAMSTEC's videos or photographs and I want to use them for...

Please tell us the purpose you are planning to use them.