Data Research Center for Marine-Earth Sciences

Customer service

Requests for Data and information

For data or information requests or inquiries about JAMSTEC's data and samples please contact the Data Management Office of DrC:

When requesting information on data or samples, please send basic information about the data or samples you are interested in with your contact information.

It would be very grateful if you would copy and paste the following items onto your email and answer them.

  1. The kind of data or samples I'm interested in are:
  2. The data or samples were obtained at: (Cruise ID, Dive No. or the sea area)
  3. I'm planning to use the data or samples for:
  4. My name and my contact information is:
  5. The organization I belong to is:

Requests for Samples and Videos

Information on sample lending service and video/photo offering can be found on the bottom of this page. Please follow the links and send your requests.