Data Research Center for Marine-Earth Sciences

Dear cruise participants

The data and samples obtained during your cruise will be opened to public.

Data (including videos and photos) and samples obtained during NASTUSHIMA, KAIYO, YOKOSUKA, KAIREI and MIRAI cruises will be opened to public via our web sites according to JAMSTEC's data policies and rules in handling data and samples. Unless otherwise specified, the data and samples will become open as soon as their set Publication Moratorium Periods (PMP) have past.
For details, please read our Quick Reference(PDF) or contact the Data Management Office.

How the data and samples should be handled

During your cruise

  • All information of the data and samples obtained during the cruise should be filled in on the Metadata Sheet. The Chief Scientist will be responsible for this work.

During the PMP

  • Please submit the documents, data files and archive samples to the corresponding departments of JAMSTEC before their deadlines.
  • For details, please refer to our Quick Reference(PDF).

After the PMP

  • Data and samples will be opened to public via our web sites.
  • For details about "WHEN, WHAT will be opened to public at WHERE" please refer to our Quick Reference(PDF).

I want to join a research cruise, where should I ask for information?

The Research Fleet Department of the Marine Technology and Engineering Center of JAMSTEC calls for entries of cruise proposals once every year. Only scientists, engineers or educators who belong to universities or research institutes in Japan can propose their cruise plans. Students including postgraduates and those who do not belong to universities or research institutes in Japan cannot propose their own plans, but are able to join JAMSTEC cruises as a member of a science party of someone who will send his/her proposal.
Detailed information ( in Japanese ) may be found here.



Chief Scientist

The leader of all scientists who are participating a research cruise will be called the Chief scientist. Basically, there will be one Chief Scientist per cruise or leg. The Chief Scientist is responsible for the Metadata Sheet work.

Metadata Sheet

A "Metadata Sheet" is an excel file to collect and manage Metadata of the data or samples obtained during each research cruise. (Metadata: information on HOW and WHEN, WHO did WHAT and obtained WHICH kind of data or sample at WHERE.)

Publication Moratorium Period (PMP)

The period between the end of the cruise and the moment the data or samples ate opened to public is called a "Publication Moratorium Period". This period is for the scientists who have priority to use the data or samples they have obtained for their studies by participating JAMSTEC cruises.