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MAPS was closed in June 2013.

Metadata for datasets are published via "JAMSTEC Data Catalog".
If you click a banner for dataset, you can view the metadata.

Ocean Reanalysis Products Global Ocean Reanalysis Product based on a 4D-VAR data assimilation using observational data obtained from vessels, buoys, satellites, etc.
Glacier Inventory Glacier inventory using a digital elevation model (DEM) and satellite data
Data Set of Land surface Processes over Eurasia Long-term hydrogical data set over Eurasian cold region.
West Sumatra Radar-Raingauge Integration Data Set Distribution of rainfall rate derived from radar and raingauge observations
Gridded Precipitation Data of the Asian Region Gridded precipitation data set of the Asian region, for the period 1997 - 2002, based on the daily values of precipitation observed by ground-based raingauges
Monsoon Asian Heat and Water Balance Dataset Climatic data of heat and water balance in monsoon Asian region.
Typhoon Tracks during the Early 20th Century Digital dataset of typhoon tracks during the early 20th century over the Western North Pacific
Historical rainfall dataset in the Philippines Daily rainfall dataset during the early 20th century of 41 stations over the Philippines including Yap and Guam
Link System Map of Ecosystem Global map for correlation coefficients between NDVI and air temperature, NDVI and precipitation, and NDVI and PAR


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