FY2000 Selected Research Themes for Utilizing the Oceanographic Research Vessel "MIRAI"


 Japan Marine Science and Technology Center (JAMSTEC,- President Takuya Hirano) publicly invited research themes and on-board researchers for joint utilization of the oceanographic research vessel R/V"MIRAI" from 10th June1999 to 7th July 1999. Consequently, there were applications of 75 themes involving 234 scientists wishing to participate in cruise of R/V"MIRAI". The R/V "MIRAI" Operation Planning Committee (Chairman; Prof.Toshiro Saino, Institute for Hydrospheric-Atmospheric Sciences, Nagoya University) consisting of experts out of JAMSTEC discussed the applications to accept the following;

1. Selected themes and on-board researchers;
69 themes and 189 on-board researchers from among 75 institutes such as Hokkaido University, Meteorological Research Institute, JAMSTEC etc.

2. Number of themes and on-board researchers per each mission; ( )shows applications. Please refer research area of R/V "MIRAI".


Observational studies on the Material Cycle in the High Latitude Sea

18 (19) themes

31 (36) persons


Observational studies on Air- Sea Interaction

11 (12) themes

33 (39) persons


The Subtropical Gyre and the Subpolar Gyre in the North Pacific Ocean

5 (6) themes

27 (31) persons


Observational Studies in the Arctic Ocean

9 (12) themes

22 (38) persons


Observational Studies in the Western Tropical Pacific Ocean and Observational Studies on Air Sea Interaction

8 (8) themes

25 (25) persons


Observational studies on Primary

10 (10) themes

33 (45) persons


Observational Studies in the Western Tropical Pacific Ocean

8 (8) themes

18 (20) persons



69 (75) themes

189 (234) persons


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24th August 1999