October 15, 1999
Agriculture, Forestry and Fishery Dept.,
Shizuoka Prefecture,
Japan Marine Science and Technology Center

Observation of Suruga Bay to be conducted for clarifying the property of deep seawater as resources.

Since fiscal 1998, Japan Marine Science and Technology Center (President Takuya HIRANO), Science and Technology Agency, has been conducting "the research into scientific properties and multi-stage utilization systems relating to the seawater at the depths in Suruga Bay" jointly with the Shizuoka prefectural authorities so as to contribute to their deep seawater utilization project. As part of this project, the observation of Suruga Bay" will be conducted from October 18 to 22, 1999.

This survey has two main purposes: one is to clarify the physicochemical properties and circulatory characteristics of water at the depths in Suruga Bay and the other is to obtain the data relating to the location of those deep seawater intake facilities which the Shizuoka Prefecture has planned to build up. For these purposes, two surveys are to be made; one is the water sampling survey and the other the mooring survey.
For the former, water samplers are to be attached to those measuring instruments which are to determine a submarine water temperature and a salt content so as to take measurements and sample the seawater at a depth of up to 1,600 meters. The water so sampled is to be verified and analyzed in relation to chemical and physical items. In the latter or mooring survey, the equipment that has several current meters vertically moored is to be installed in the seawaters where a deep seawater intake port is scheduled to be located off the shore of Yaizu. And these current meters are used to determine the current direction and current velocity for a period of approximately 3 months to come.

This survey/research has its base in "JAMSTEC deep seawater analysis research building" (NOTE 1) built up in the Shizuoka Prefectural Fisheries Experiment Station at the end of August, this year (3690 Shioiri, Kogawa, Yaizu City).

The achievements resulting from this seawater survey, moreover, will be effectively utilized to design the buildup of a water intake facility to suck up seawater onto land from the depths of 350 and 700 meters off the shore of Yaizu City (subsidized by the Fisheries Agency). This buildup, meanwhile, is planned as part of the "Suruga Bay Deep Seawater Overall Utilization Promotion Project", which has been being developed in Sizuoka Prefecture since fiscal 1997.

At the site, moreover, reporters are to be treated according to the time schedule shown in Exhibit 1 attached hereto.

Survey Sea Area MapReference

NOTE 1: "JAMSTEC deep seawater analysis laboratory building" is to be two-storied and constructed of reinforced concrete, with a cumulative floor area of 232 square meters. It has a fine composition analysis room, a voluminous composition analysis room, a bioscopy room, a data analysis room and so on. The laboratory, moreover, is provided with the high-tech analytical equipment.