December 6, 1999
Japan Marine Science and Technology Center

Communication error of weather sensor data of TRITON buoy at site #1

1. Situation
TRITON buoy (surface meteorology and upper ocean observing buoy) at site# 1 (8N, 156E ; deployed on February 24, 1999) of Japan Marine Science and Technology Center (President Mr. Takuya HIRANO) has been confirmed from received data to signal an alarm indicating the communication error of weather sensors (anemometer, air temperature/humidity sensors and atmospheric pressure gauge) , and water intrusion into the cell package to water since data reception of 23:00 on November 28, 1999 in Mutsu office, Sekinehama.
Since error detection, the operational condition of apparatus has been checked and monitored with buoy data processing system at Sekinehama observer maintenance center of Mutsu office.
The underwater sensors are working well (current meter and water temperature/salinity sensors), and mooring condition is normal(position).

2. Cause
This error may be generated by the following causes:
(1) Failure of weather sensor itself or rupture of weather cable
(2) Moisture condensation in the cell package or its exposure to water
(3) Artificial damage.
However, because it is a remote site, detailed error condition is unclear.

3. Future schedule
In the current status, no abnormality is observed in mooring condition (position) and failed components will be recovered by the R/V "Mirai" in the regular operation of recovery and installation scheduled in February and March 2000.

(All date and time indications are described in Japan standard time.)

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