December 10, 1999
Japan Marine Science and Technology Center

Data communication failure of TRITON buoy at site #13

1. Situation
TRITON buoy (surface meteorology and upper ocean observing buoy) at site #13 (0N, 138E ; deployed on October 25, 1999) of Japan Marine Science and Technology Center has stopped its data communication since data reception of 9:15 a.m. on December 8, 1999 in Mutsu office, Sekinehama.

2. Cause
This trouble may be generated artificially. However, because it is a remote site, detailed situation is unclear.

3. Future schedule
This buoy is located within Indonesian Exclusive Economic Zone, therefore, we have requested the Indonesian Agency for the Assesment and Application of Technology, our collaborator, to perform the site inspection using local ship. Taking account of successive troubles (artificial damage) of similar type on TRITON buoys, we will examine substantial ways of preventing their recurrence (both in hardware and software) for stable observation.

(All date and time indications are described in Japan standard time.)

Whom to contact for further information:
Mr. Kuroda and Ushijima, Research Support Coordination Division, Research Support Department
(Phone: 81-468-67-3936)

Mr. Taya, Ikegawa and Kimura
Public Relations , Training and Education Division, Administration Department
(Phone: 81-468-67-3806)
Japan Marine Science and Technology Center