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JAMSTEC Applucation Laboratory International Symposium

The Application Laboratory (APL) of the Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology (JAMSTEC: President Yasuhiro Kato) will host an international symposium entitled “Climate Variations in Southern Africa and Roles of Subtropical Oceans”. APL is aiming to develop useful application studies based on the latest accomplishments in the field of climate variation predictability studies. The theme of this Symposium is the “Prediction of Climate Variations and its Application in the Southern African Region”, one of the successful research proposals adopted under a newly established project called Science and Technology Research Partnership for Sustainable Development by the Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST) and Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA).

APL aims to realize a new type of innovation through mutual edification and sustainable coordination between the science community and the society, especially utilizing scientific knowledge obtained by our world-leading investigations in climate variations such as the ones on Indian Ocean Dipole and El Nino Modoki, both of which are important climate modes for the global climate variations. In this symposium we will attempt to contribute to the sustainable development of the Southern African societies that are quite vulnerable to the climate variation risks, by getting insights into the generation and long-term variation mechanism of the sub-tropical Dipole phenomena, an influential climate variation mode for those regions.


Date and time: December 3, 2009 (Thursday) from 10:00-17:50(Registration 9:30)
Venue: The Center for the Advancement of Working Women (CAWW)
Admission: Free
Leaflet Please refer to Leaflet (PDF493KB)
Registration: Please register by e-mail with the following information:
Your name/organization/e-mail address/whether you will attend the reception or not (¥2,000/person)
Program: Please refer to Program
Language: English
Organized by: Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology(JAMSTEC)
Supported by: Japan Science and Technology Agency(JST),
Japan International Cooperation Agency(JICA),
Embassy of Republic of South Africa
Contact: Research Support Dept./JAMSTEC (Miyamoto)