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You can find data from a map!
- JAMSTEC's new data search service -

November 17, 2008

JAMSTEC has launched a new service "JAMSTEC Data Search Portal", which helps users to find data and samples by choosing area on a map.

Users are able to search data/samples, which JAMSTEC publicizes on Internet via various kinds of data sites and databases, by displaying the distribution of such data/samples and designating the area of interest with mouse on a map. The lists of search results include links to the relevant data publication pages as well as summaries of data, so users can go to data page to browse detailed information and download them.

This service works on the web browsers with no extra software.

JAMSTEC Data Search Portal

General information is available from a link of
"about this site" on top right of this page or Here

Caution: Many web browsers and their add-ons have a security function called "anti pop-up", which prevents web sites from creating new window. JAMSTEC Data Search Portal shows search results in a new window. Please disable the anti pop-up of your browser before accessing to this service, or you can't get the search results.