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New functions of "JAMSTEC Data Search Portal" are now available

August 31, 2009

"JAMSTEC Data Search Portal", which enables users to search data or samples from a map, has been updated. Following new features are available now,

  • Although only one data type was available in the old version, users can select more than one data type and search data for those data types.
  • Adding to searching by area (Quick Search), users can retrieve data by period, research vessels, cruise ID, submersibles, dive numbers and variables (water temperature, current speed/direction, etc.) simultaneously (Advanced Search).
  • Zooming up the map window, names of sea floor features will be shown.
  • A selected button is clearly identified in this version.

Please access to "JAMSTEC Data Search Portal" from JAMSTEC's top page "Database" - "JAMSTEC Data Search Portal" or by URL below,

Usage of this system and explanations of data types are on the top page.


  • In the "Quick Search" a search area is chosen by a mouse; however in the "Advanced Search" a search area is the same extent of the map window.
  • Anti pop-up of your browser or its add-ons will prevent this system form creating search result windows.