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JAMSTEC Yokosuka Headquarters Open Day on Saturday, May 13, 2017
FY2017 [Earthquake and Tsunami Forecasting System Research Group, Research and Development (R&D) Center for Earthquake and Tsunami (CEAT)] Recruitment of Project Technical Scientist
FY2017 [Department of Mathematical Science and Advanced Technology "Post K"] Recruitment of Project Technical Scientist or Postdoctoral Researcher or Project Engineer
FY2017 [Department of Environmental Geochemical Cycle Research] Recruitment of Postdoctoral Researcher
FY2017 [the COI satellite] Recruitment of Project Scientist or Project Technical Scientist
Climate Watch – March 2017 Edition: Spring drops by
Climate Watch – verification of the winter 2016/2017 forecast
Climate Watch – Floods in Peru and early signs of El Niño
[Post K4-A , Research Unit for Predictability of Global Weather Extremes, Project Team for HPC Advanced Predictions utilizing Big Data ] Recruitment of Postdoctoral Researcher or Project Research Scientist or Project Technical Scientist


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