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What is going in JAMSTEC?
What kind of studies are done in JAMSTEC?

Many people in the world have come to be interested in the conditions of the Earth. Many people have experienced hard life by earthquake, Tsunami, typhoon, and various other natural disasters. We worry about the change of the natural conditions. The warming of the earth will give bad effects to our natural conditions of the lives including man.

We are trying to find out our way to keep the conditions. So, we must study the Earth more. Studying the sea is the first step. The sea covers most of the Earth surface at about 70%. So, the sea has a bigger effect to the conditions of the Earth.

It is not easy to study the sea. The sea is very big. It has a dark sea floor under high pressure. In the sea, many places are left untouched by man. Many mysteries remain to be explained before us.

JAMSTEC is studying the sea all over the world including Pacific Ocean, Indian Ocean, Arctic Ocean from the surface to the depth of several thousands of meters.

Another purposes of JAMSTEC are to observe the sea and air by many factors, and to study the causes for the warming of the Earth by analyzing the results of the observation. Many holes are drilled deep into the bed of the sea in order to study the cause of earthquake. JAMSTEC will be able to tell about the future condition of the Earth in advance by using a very big computer. JAMSTEC is also studying the life of the creature in the deep sea. Also, JAMSTEC is making machines to study the deep sea. JAMSTEC is doing many studies to make clear the mysteries of the sea and the Earth.