Oct.22(Mon) Oct.23(Tue) Oct.24(Wed)
AM1 Opening BGC Argo (3) ArgoMix and others (5)
AM2 Core Argo (1) Data System (4) End User Engagement (6)
  Lunch Lunch Lunch
PM1 Deep Argo (2) Dr. Pitrowicz memorial session Round Table Discussion
PM2 Poster Poster Public Lecture
Evening Ice breaker    

Detailed workshop program will be available after due date of abstract submission (Aug. 10).

  • Sessions: Sessions are numbered from (1) to (6). Abstract authors should identify the number for the session that fits best
  • Ice breaker: There will be an icebreaker sponsored by manufacturers on Monday evening, at the conference venue. The icebreaker is in the area surrounded by posters and the Exhibitors’ booths, next to the conference lecture room.
  • Dr. Piotrowicz memorial session: This session is for praising and commemorating the contribution done by the late Dr. Steve Piotrwicz. A plenary presentation followed by panel discussions on Argo’s future will be arranged to honor his memory.