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2010/08/31 Winning Filming Proposal Selected


The Japan Agency for marine-Earth Science and Technology (JAMSTEC) invites filming/interview proposals for the Deep-Sea Vessel Chikyu during the IODP (*)Expedition331- DEEP HOT BIOSPHERE, which is scheduled for September 2010. The filming/interview proposal should be designed to feature the scientific significance and challenges undertaken by the Chikyu and shipboard scientists, based on your individual project plan. Applicants should be able to broadcast/publish a finished audio/video/print product to a wide audience by the end of March 31, 2011.
The objectives of this invitation are not to simply offer an opportunity to report research activities onboard the Chikyu, but rather to raise public understanding and awareness of earth sciences and studies, along with scientific challenges addressed by ocean-drilling expeditions by the Chikyu.

* The Integrated Ocean Drilling Program (IODP) is an international marine research drilling program dedicated to advancing scientific understanding of Earth by monitoring, sampling, and instrumenting subseafloor environments. Through multiple platforms, preeminent scientists explore IODP principal themes: the deep biosphere, environmental change, and solid Earth cycles. IODP has operated since October 2003, funded jointly by the Japan Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology and the U.S. National Science Foundation. Additional support is provided by the 17-member European Consortium of Ocean Research Drilling, the People's Republic of China, the Republic of Korea, Australia, India, and New Zealand.

Eligible applicant

The applicant must;

have a well-resourced system to carry out and deliver the proposed project to a wide audience,
have solid credentials in publishing or broadcasting stories compiled by interviews or filming,
have secured a slot for publishing or broadcasting a finished product by the end of March 2011, and
submit a proposal within the following application period. Submission of several proposals is acceptable.

Application period

Tuesday 8th June 2010 to Friday 9th July 2010

Number of filming/interviewing crew involved

A maximum of three will be acceptable but this may change depending on the successful proposal(s).

Boarding schedule

During Expedition 331 - DEEP HOT BIOSPHERE, from Sunday 5th to Saturday 18th September 2010.
Dates of embarkation/disembarkation and other details will be arranged after the selection of proposal(s).

Opportunities besides onboard filming/interview

To effectively carry out your project, filming/interviewing opportunities other than the above boarding period can be arranged upon your request.

Production costs

Expenses associated with filming/interviewing production, including filming/recording equipment, consumables, loading of equipment, personnel expenses, travel expenses en route to and from the ship (including a pre-production meeting and preliminary interview), and other miscellaneous expenses should be borne by the production company. Onboard expenses, such as meals (1,848 Yen a day per person), shall be reimbursed in cash when disembarking the ship. The production crew is expected to board the CHIKYU at the Port of Shingu, Wakayama Prefecture; and depart the ship at Nago Port, Okinawa, via the free boat transfer arranged for crew rotation (approx. 20 min).


Applications must be accompanied by the proposal(s) signed by a company representative and the company brochure, and sent to the following email address.
There is no designated format to comply with; however, each proposal should include a publishing/broadcasting schedule (e.g. time and program title) and an outline of proposed activity during production.

[Submission due date]:
  Friday 9th July 2010

[E-mail address]

Selection procedures

Preliminary screening of documents
(in the event of many applications)
Secondary screening (presentation and interview)
Eligible applicants will be required to undergo a presentation (approx. 15 min.) and interview.
Final selection
The successful applicant(s) will be determined by a selection committee composed of experts from JAMSTEC and other related organizations.

Selection criteria

The successful proposal(s) must;

be designed to widely publicize scientific significance and challenges undertaken by the Chikyu in an approachable fashion,
help raise the public understanding and awareness of earth sciences and studies,
use many scientific approaches,
guarantee a slot for publishing or broadcasting the finished product, and
be executed with a well-resourced production system.

Selection schedule

8th June :    Commencement of Application acceptance
9th July :    Application deadline
Mid July :    Proposal presentations
Late July to early August :    Final selection of successful proposal(s)

Results of application

The successful proposal(s) will be publicized on the JAMSTEC's web site, with the name of the project(s) and the undertaking production company (ies).

Pre-boarding safety program

All members of the production crew expected to board the Chikyu are required to take a Hydrogen Sulfide Safety Training Program prior to the scheduled boarding.

Date and time: any given day before the boarding (expected to be for 4 hours in early September) Venue: TBA (possibly onboard the Chikyu, either at Shimizu Port, Shizuoka Prefecture, or Shingu Port)


Production equipment to be used onboard the ship should be portable. At disembarkment all equipment must be carried by hand. Any heavy equipment unable to be loaded on the aforementioned passenger boat may end up landing at the destination port after October 3rd.
Disembarkation during the above boarding period is not permitted except for emergencies.
The above boarding schedule is liable to change due to weather and other operational requirements.

Submission of documents

Successful applicants are required to supply documents subject to approval for boarding the ship; including, the official boarding application, promissory agreement, health certificates, and a list of loading equipment.

Finished film

Footage filmed onboard the Chikyu (finished film or video materials) may be used by JAMSTEC upon the consent of the production company.

Protection of personal information

We assure that the personal information provided through this application will be exclusively used for the selection of proposals and pertinent procedures, and shall be handled safely and responsibly based on our policy for personal information protection.


Planning Department Press Office, JAMSTEC
Toru Nakamura, Manager
Kihachi Hasebe

2-15, Natsushima-cho, Yokosuka City
Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan 237-0061
E-mail :

For requests for filming/interviewing onboard the Chikyu other than the above expedition period, please contact Press Office.


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