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Facility Tours

Aimed at making the results of its research activities and the latest information in Earth and marine science widely known to the general public, JAMSTEC welcomes visitors for facility tours at the following three locations. In addition to tours of the latest research facilities and video showings, visitors will find plenty of interesting contents including hands-on exhibits.
Yokosuka Headquarters
Visitors can see at first hand a number of research facilities in which JAMSTEC takes pride such as vessels, vehicles and observation equipment. To see them, it is necessary to apply in advance.
Some of those vessels and vehicles may not be able to be seen if and when they are out at sea for research.

Earth Science Museum (Yokohama Institute for Earth Science)
Equipped with video galleries, each outfitted with a large-sized screen or a 3D screen, the pavilion serves as a library rich in audiovisual material such as DVDs. Visitors can learn about Earth and marine science while enjoying themselves.

Global Oceanographic Data Center (GODAC)
The Center was established in 2001 in Nago City, Okinawa prefecture as a collection and dissemination site for ocean and Earth environment information. It provides a fun way for visitors to learn about the sea and Earth.