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Earth Simulator Resource Allocation

There are three project categories in the Earth Simulator resource allocation.

(1) Proposed Research projects
We accept and select applications for the research projects of the earth science field.
 - Earth Science (Climate Change, Solid Earth, Natural Disasters, etc.)

(2) Contract Research projects
The projects using the Earth Simulator focus on research commissioned by public organizations such as the government. (Global Warming, Disaster, Industry)
 - The Program for Risk Information on Climate Change (SOUSEI)
 - The Program for Creating Innovation by Sharing Advanced Research
   Facilities: The Strategic Industrial Use
 - Consignment Study (JST/CREST, KAKENHI, etc.)

(3) JAMSTEC Research projects
The Earth Simulator is also used for research projects organized by JAMSTEC, international and domestic collaboration projects and the execution of urgent jobs in the time of natural disasters.
In addition, fee-based usage of the Earth Simulator is conducted under this category.

H26FY Earth Simulator Resource Allocation
figure : H26FY Earth Simulator Resource Allocation (tentative)