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Construction of CPU

Each CPU consists of a 4-way super-scalar unit (SU), a vector unit (VU), and main memory access control unit on a single LSI chip. The CPU operates at a clock frequency of 3.2GHz. Each VU has 72 vector registers, each of which has 256 vector elements, along with 8 sets of six different types of vector pipelines: addition /shifting, multiplication, division, logical operations, masking, and load/store. The same type of vector pipelines works together by a single vector instruction and pipelines of different types can operate concurrently. The VU and SU support the IEEE 754 floating-point data format.

1 Chip LSI : 102.4Gflops

  • 65nm CMOS
  • 11Layers copper interconnection
  • 21.04mm x 19.84mm
  • 350 million transistors
  • 8960 pins
  • Clock Cycle: 3.2GHz
  • Power Consumption: 240W (Typ.)