Introduction to the Earth Simulator (ES4)

The Earth Simulator (ES4) is a multi-architecture supercomputer based on AMD EPYC CPUs, combined with accelerators (NEC's SX-Aurora TSUBASA and NVIDIA's GPU A100).


 Earth Simulator total performance 
 Total Peak Performance    19.5 PFLOPS 
 Total Memory    556.5 TiB 
 Shared Storage Capacity    Home area:120 TB 
  Data area: 60 PB 
  Work area: 1.3 PB 
 Interconnect Bandwidth    200 Gb/s (for two-way) 

Details of the Earth Simulator (ES4)

■ Compute Nodes Overview


■ Details of each computer node

 Compute Node Type   CPU Nodes  VE-equipped Nodes  GPU-equipped Nodes 
 Number of Node   720  684   8 
Per Node  CPU Name   AMD EPYC 7742 
 Number of CPUs (Cores)   2(128)   1(64)   2(128) 
 OS   CentOS 8 
 Total memory(Host Part)   256GiB   128GiB   4TiB 
 Acceralator Type   -   NEC SX-Aurora 
 TSUBASA Type 20B 
 Number of Acceralators   -   8VE 
 (8 cores per VE) 
 8 GPU 
 Total memory(Accelerator)   -   48GiB   40GiB